Professional Players?

Which sport has the more professional players?

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I know this is cutting close to oneshot's thread but having watched several ridiculous performances by so called professional players (Diving, Back-chat, Arrests) not only in the World cup but in top-flight footy in general, are (lower paid) Rugby players more professional. Personally I think it's a no-brainer.

Footballers = Overpaid pansies
Rugby Players = Generally good all round role-models

I think that its more down to the refs in rugby than the players.

The majority of rugby refs do not stand for any back chat and will quite happily further penalise or reverse a penalty if there is any.

To say that there isn't any diving or its equivalent and such in rugby is ludicrous. Classic example was 2 seasons ago when Mark Robinson was sent off then banned for the rest of season for his stamp on Mark Regan, who later admitted he had made it look worse than it was.

There is a fine line between 'cheating' and unsporting conduct and where you draw it....
I'm not saying there isn't any dirty play in Rugby but as shown by your example it is usually dealt with. Fights etc still happen but players can and are banned for offences. The introduction of the sin bin was a great idea that IMO should be transferred to football, 10 mins with 10 men would probably focus teams a bit. Professional footballers seem to think they are beyond the law. If they were hit with hefty (proportional to salary) fines and as you say if the refs grew a pair maybe the players would fall into line?

You don't see any professional rugby players acting like twats now do you? Ok, Dallagio got stung by the news of the screws but he deserved it the d1ckhead for the way he behaved.

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