Professional Indemnity Insurance

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by gentlesoul, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Any recommendations?

    The 6 companies I've approached so far haven't even bothered returning phone calls or emails, this without even telling them what the business does! :x

    Many thanks
  2. What profession?

    My Union provides it free with membership.
  3. Perhaps if you told them what the business does, they may have responded....

    As you haven't told us, we can't help much either.

    Here's one to get started, though:
  4. It's to do with property but not the selling, letting or management.

    And as for not telling the insurance companies, there didn't seem a lot of point in discussing with the receptionist and I approached 6 that deal specifically with property.

    Thank you puttee, I'll have a look at that site.
  5. COME ON! I'm intrigued now. What can you do with property other than sell, let or manage? Other than build, refurbish and demolish....
  6. Buy???
  7. This isn't uncommon I'm afraid, PII is not a popular sale for many brokers as they don't know enough. Can I suggest that you join the FSB, (Federation of Small Business), and look at their branded products. FSB Services to members (These are run through Towergate who are OK.)

    I do know brokers who would find you a suitable policy if I prodded them enough, so if desperate PM me, (I am an IFA not a commercial broker).