Professional Cnuts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Moodybitch, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Which profession has the most cuntish wankers working in it?

    My opinion is that it's bloody cab drivers.

    They do vary, depending on where in the country you are, but they are still C[/b]unts no less.

    London - Talk too much or say nothing for entire journey and instead just glare at you like you just shat in their kids dinner.

    Manchester - Can anyone understand these people?

    Liverpool - Just mental and don't shut up about the football. Usually Evertonians.

    Wales - If you can even locate a taxi here, let me know.

    My gripe isn't just limited to geography when it comes to cab drivers, it's the evident incompetence of these morons that I witness on a daily basis.

    They turn up late and half the time can't find where you need to be without their sat nav. A cabbie....lost! What the fcuk's all that about? Cracking mate, Christopher Columbus got nothing on you has he.

    And the one's who DO know where they are going will always go the long way round to hike that extra 20p up on the meter. You're not fooling anyone, pikey.

    Word from the wise, even if you don't know where you are going in London, NEVER show it otherwise you'll be in that cab all day. "Owight luv, be there soon, just avoiding the changing of the guard tweacle"....What, by taking a detour to Croydon. Naff off.

    I'm sure there are many other professions that can boast an equal, if not more, amount of tossers and generally useless fuckwits, but cabbies are getting my vote.

    List your nominees here.......
  2. I got a lift home off a scouse cabby the other night... She had a cracking set of t1ts on her and was a dirty little slut in conversation. Best £10 I've spent this year!
  3. A tenner, in Liverpool? You was robbed.
  4. Scouse cabbies don't always talk about the football! History of the finest city in the world is also a hot topic!

    I reckon the most cnutish profession are traffic wardens (no offence Sluggy). Bunch of jobsworth bastards.

    Edited to Add: Agree with Moody, a tenner in liverpool is extortionate! You can get from one side of Merseyside to other for that!
  5. Yes, usually the history of Everton.
  6. True, which is why I try and identify myself as the Red I am ASAP after I've told him where to take me.
  7. Thank God, Liverpool is only the City of Culture for the next 4 months, because then the scousers can finally shut the fcuk up. :wink:
  8. Awww, is cockney cnut getting jealous that someone is speaking more than him? :D
  9. has she raised her future career ambitions above lolipop lady then?
  10. Politics has it's fair share of Sherman tankers mind you since the Scottish Parliament was launched The number of them seems to have risen.
  11. It'd make a change to get a word in with you curly permed cunts choppsing off all the time :D Alright, alright, dey do doe don't dey doe :wink:
  12. So no-one can top cabbies as the biggest cnuts then?
  13. Definately surgeon. My daughter married one, he has proven to be a conceited, arrogant, utter cnutish t-wat many times over.

    He has settled down slightly however since my normally docile husband finally lost it and punched him very, very hard indeed. Worked a treat and was a joy to watch. Well worth the 10 months it took my daughter to start speaking to us again :lol:
  14. I'll go for car mechanics.....fekin rip off w-nkers. :x
  15. Tax man, footballers and, of course, MPs ????