Professional Battlefield Tours


Two Ex WO2's, will run your First World War Battlefield Tour of Flanders and France: All you do is prepare the grants and travel.

Prices vary from hotel to hotel, but will include executive coach, 3-4 Star accom and a flexible tour to suit any Unit or Establishment. c. £250 would be the maximum, depending on numbers!

Contact the RSM at Frimley Park to get a first hand report on their Battlefield Tour of 2002.


Hardly, he is a nice chap, only problem is he's a Taff- no offence to any Taffs reading this! Hey I am married to one!(A Taff that is)

He will give any information you need for application of grants etc! You will get paid to have 4 days in Ypres with money left over for the Hypermarkets in Calais!
Next trip 9-12 Sept 03, Arnhem Battlefield (Bar) Tour. Cost 50 for MDHU staff & 100 for non MDHU staff. Or as suggested organise your own & get PRI funding.
Sugar_Junkie said:
The RSM at Frimley is a scary guy - you wouldn't get me phoning him up! ;D
The RSM at Frimley is now a woman (new in post, not the previous one having some kind of operation) and shes twice as scarey, but a very nice person.

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