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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rocketeer, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Right.. here's how to prove you're truly an ARRSE

    trust the internet to provide..

    Bob Sutton, author of " The No A**hole Rule " has devised a 24 question A**hole Rating Self-Exam [ ARSE ]

    some sample questions:
    1] You are surrounded by incompetent idiots, and they should know the truth every now and then [ True/False ]

    2] Watching people squirm is enjoyable [ True/False ]

    3] What you have to say is important and may even require interrupting someone else [ True/False ]

    4] Your jokes can get nasty, but you havevto admit, they are pretty funny [ True/False ]

    5] People respond to your e-mails with hostile reactions, and the conversation escalates into a ' flame war' [ True/False ]

    6] You were a nice person until you started working with this bunch of creeps [ True/False ]

    the complete test can be found at

    take the test today!.. I've been certified as a genuine ARRSE , just need to find an appropriate Waltbadge to go with it...
  2. A score of 21, I am a genuine arrse and so proud of it.
  3. I could have told you that....... :wink:
  4. 10? Odd, I thought it'd be more than that. Are you sure it's been calibrated for 'squaddie'?
  5. It can't have. Even I only got 16. B- try harder.
  6. You sound like a full-blown certified asshole to me, get help immediately. But, please, don’t come to me for help, as I would rather not meet you.

    seems to have read me like a book
  7. Yeah, I know for a fact I'm a complete tool. The Jade Dream keeps telling me and she's a very smart woman.

    It must be broken. Have the LAD been anywhere near it?
  8. 2.

    Sh1t. I'm a fanny
  9. 17 - full blown, certified arsehole. Duh.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    17 too, I'm an asshole! Misses has never stopped telling me so, it must be true now.
  11. 14, not bad. Must try harder though.
  12. 15, not bad. Must try harder though.
  13. 16, not bad. Must try harder though.
  14. 17, not bad. Must try harder though.
  15. 18, not bad. Must try harder though.