Professional ARRSE Credentials

Right.. here's how to prove you're truly an ARRSE

trust the internet to provide..

Bob Sutton, author of " The No A**hole Rule " has devised a 24 question A**hole Rating Self-Exam [ ARSE ]

some sample questions:
1] You are surrounded by incompetent idiots, and they should know the truth every now and then [ True/False ]

2] Watching people squirm is enjoyable [ True/False ]

3] What you have to say is important and may even require interrupting someone else [ True/False ]

4] Your jokes can get nasty, but you havevto admit, they are pretty funny [ True/False ]

5] People respond to your e-mails with hostile reactions, and the conversation escalates into a ' flame war' [ True/False ]

6] You were a nice person until you started working with this bunch of creeps [ True/False ]

the complete test can be found at

take the test today!.. I've been certified as a genuine ARRSE , just need to find an appropriate Waltbadge to go with it...
You sound like a full-blown certified asshole to me, get help immediately. But, please, don’t come to me for help, as I would rather not meet you.

seems to have read me like a book
Dale the snail said:
smartascarrots said:
10? Odd, I thought it'd be more than that. Are you sure it's been calibrated for 'squaddie'?
It can't have. Even I only got 16. B- try harder.
Yeah, I know for a fact I'm a complete tool. The Jade Dream keeps telling me and she's a very smart woman.

It must be broken. Have the LAD been anywhere near it?

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