Professional Accrdiation


I was after a bit of advice on professional accreditation for jobs in the Royal Signals.

I know you can become a member of the CMI, IET, IEEE and Worshipful Company are there any others?

Secondly if you have become a member of any of the above has it assisted you or helped you whilst still serving in the R SIGNALS?

What you're looking at is a means of explaining to someone who doesn't understand what you do, how it equates to what they're familiar with. I don't think gaining proffessional recognition is particularly important to how you progress within the Army - people tend to know what being a Class 1, a YofS or FofS or a CISM qualified officer actually means. But it certainly pays dividends when you leave. And it's worth bearing in mind that progressive development over years looks more like a consistent effort to maintain professional skills, than trying to do the whole thing in your last 12 months of service. Is it worth doing? I think so, and I believe it's worth putting some effort into it throughout your career in the Army.

Obviously you have to stop short of following the RAF habit of collecting qualifications, which would diminish you in the eyes of anyone who knows anything ;-)

Thats what i was aiming for information on how its helped people with professional development rather than career development. I let my CMI membership lapse and was looking at becoming a member of the IET. But i was wondering if anyone has called upon the advice/information from these societies during their army career?
OK, good questions. I think there's value in the whole idea of talking (and listening) to people in your profession who know more than you. And the people who are associated with serious professional institutions like IET and BCS contain many who will know more than you, and are worth listening to. But there is a risk of getting into the busines of simply collecting qualifications. Strike a good balance, and you will find that these organisations will introduce you to ideas that you might not otherwise come across within the pure military environment. But don't expect those outside the military to have all the answers, or even to understand the difference between providing information services in Helmand for a BG tomorrow, and planning a mobile data network for commercial use in 10 years. So long as you can differentiate you'll certainly find some value in engaging with them, and you may find it really useful. Just don't take everything at face value.

Can't speak for CMI and the 'Worshipful Company' but IET, BCS and even AFCEA are a pretty safe bet within our business.


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