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Profanity? filter


In a story about Julie Lake I posted a quote from a newspaper which included the name of Nick Free man the Mr Loophole lawyer:

On posting, his name was substituted with an * & I altered the way his name was written so that it could be seen. In Ugly's reply he used his name and lo an * appears.
Try as I might I cannot think of a reason why free man should be censored, any ideas?
rickshaw-major said:
bovvy said:
sandmanfez said:
Well it wont accept wristwatch either, go figure. :?

Yeah, but wristwatch has twat in the middle. There's nothing dodgy in Freeman, is there?
Reem? :twisted:
O.K. then. I'll bite. I've got a bee in my bonnet. Maybe I'm a little naive. What does "reem" mean? Is it a dirty word? I was toyng with asking in my last post. But no "bolds" are needed to type reem?
I have to object to the use of 'fatherless' when saying 'Bastard', especially when use of the words 'Goody', 'Blair' and Paris Hilton' don't get edited, and I find those words much more offensive.

I can't help but wonder - Squaddies are generally some of the most depraved, foul cunts on the planet. Why on earth do we need protecting from all those nasty cunting words in the first place? For fucks' fucking sake.

No, fucking really.

I still reckon it's strange that no jiggery-pokery is needed for "reem", "ream", "Scunthorpe" or "motherfucker" ........... but it is for "freeman"?

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