Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goku, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. I’ve noticed that those of us who frequent the NAAFI all tend foul mouthed, abusive bastards (myself included).
    With that in mind I thought you’d all appreciate this…

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  2. These made me snigger…

    wide-on n. Female equivalent of a hard-on.
    vagitarian n. He who only eats hairy pie, fur burgers, and vertical bacon sandwiches, plus the occasional fish supper.
    tuna town n. Female genitalia; Billingsgate box.
    Irish[/B} 1. n. Heterosexual anal sex, supposedly as a means of contraception. Compare Vatican roulette. 2. rhym slang ‘Irish jig - wig’
    slash and burn n. 1. Third world deforestation technique. 2. A painful symptom of venereal disease.
    Scottish bedwarmer n. A fart; anal announcement.
    rodeo sex n. To call your girlfriend by an ex-girlfriend’s name whilst having sex ‘doggy style’, and then try to hold on for as long as possible. Also bronco sex.
    R.A.F. Rough as fuck; ugly; unattractive.
    quumf v. To sit in waiting outside a public library in Blyth, for example, and sniff ladies bicycle seats as soon as possible after their owner has dismounted and gone inside. Also to snudge.
    pork prescription n. 1. Cock, to be swallowed twice a day before meals. 2. Doctor’s authorisation for a meat injection (qv).
    pant hamster n. Natural prey of the one-eyed trouser snake.
    milk race n. 1. Adolescent wanking game for two or more public school children. 2. A barrack room toss-up to decide who eats the last cream cracker.
    jizz jar n. Girlfriend. Probably considered derogatory, although you’d think they’d take it as a compliment.
    Japanese flag n. Appearance of the arsehole when blighted by ring sting (qv). As in: “Aaagh! Ooyah! I’m sitting on a Japanese flag”.
    ESD v. Eat Shitty Dick. To smoke a pink cigar fresh from kak canyon. Can be used as an insult in the suggestive form, e.g. “ESD, fuck face”.

    :D :D :D
  3. Goku i have had my eyes open to some new descriptions

    Have to say the Rodeo Sex one sounds pretty apt
  4. surprisingly enough this one gets through all of the IT gestapo's precautions 8O