Proestors win high court battle.....unbelievable

This friggin country is getting beyond a joke, can someone explain how a coach load of hippy war protestors have just won a high court battle against the police for not letting them to the demonstration, and to effin top it all of they have been given the right to claim for damages cos it was in breach of their human rights. Call this politics...gone mad I reckon.

If there are any protestor type people here who look at this, then you need a rocket shoving up your arrse cos I was in the thick of it with them when they protested at this gulf war. They are pathetic. What about suing them for the damage that they caused and also I might sue them for the distress they caused me.......pissss off back to heathrow (whilst en route to picking up your giro) and bury yourself again only this time look over your shoulder cos I'll be there to fill the fecker in.......hippies
My favourite part of the whole farce was when they interviewed a girl involved. She was complaingin saying that

" They were oppressing our right of expression which is exactly the reason we are there in Iraq"

So do you support our liberation and therefore what the hell were you doing protesting?

Perhaps you think we should have not gone to Iraq to allow freedom of speech amongst other things, in which case, shut up before you get a baton round to the head seeing as the UK is so oppressive.....
don't worry, the next latest fad protest will be out soon.
Probably somthing to do with the thousands of migrants expected to flood the UK come the new open borders/joining of new members.
Give them all a job,three bedroom council house and benifits(if they get a job: paperboy qualify?)

The smelly hippies won because the police acted unlawfully - that's the long and the short of it. If plod thought they could get away with it then they hadn't been thinking clearly. It might not be fair but then hey that's life.

Now, why plod chose to make an arrse of it instead of stopping them from turning up using the legislation that does exist is a much more interesting question. And one that probably won't get answered.

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