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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Putting this here mostly in the hope that Recruit Group are scanning these forums and not just because it is a BRILLIANT thought. Pinched from other thread, thanks Goatman:

    I know it is awfully fashionable to sneer at anyone who quite liked Preston Front but my word, did we not half recruit well when it was on the TV. And it doesn't need to be only TA - what a difference we could make to societal behaviour if the New People's Bible that is Eastenders showed the way forward as kids between the ages of 12 and 17 joining the Walford Det of the ACF.

    How about half a dozen DROPS trucks with the "hated" TA badge on the door rolling down Coronation Street - you wouldn't even need to have anymore placement than that - a few of the key actors could have a discussion about what it's all about - someone must have been cast as ex-forces or Ken could have a philosophical debate in the Rovers about how Iraq is the Govt's fault and we should be proud of our TA boys and girls regardless. Cue some of the youngsters going to find out about joining up - there must be mileage in that one.

    So, just in case Recruit Group aren't reading this :roll: 1) Is it a good idea and if so 2) How do we get the campaign going?
  2. An interesting thought. The problem is that we all remember the "oh you're in the TA, you must be like Gareth" comments.

    The important thing would be to choose the programs where we are likely to attract the type of recruit we want. Unfortunatly, your average soap watcher is also a soap dodger.

    I agree that all you'd need is a truck rolling by or meeting some squaddies in the petrol station. Which programs though?
  3. Footballers wives :D
  4. Rubbish. Look at the adverts which run in the breaks immediately before, during and immediately after Corry, Emerdale and Hollyoaks. And even if it is not a perfect fit for our target audience at least we can be virtually certain of getting the mums and dads, brothers, sisters and other centres of influence.
  5. While there are in-direct benefits of appealing to 'centres of influence' (letting kids crawl over the trucks on an open day to get them interested in the military, for example) we don't have a blank cheque book.

    Therefore, we must target our efforts to those areas which are likely to result in not only people coming though the door, but people who are likely to stay.

    It's not only about people gaining from the TA, but the TA has to gain from people.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    The figures of which age groups watch which programs is very closely monitored by marketing companies and they know exactly which programmes are watched by 18-23 yr olds.

  7. As I understand things, it needn't actually cost anything beyond a couple of lunches and a day on the ranges for a couple of execs & writers.

    The gubmint are quite used to getting soaps to put across a message for the public good (storylines about various health issues spring to mind, the actuality of which health issues and which storylines doesn't. Alzheimer's perhaps?)

    If a writing team could be persuaded to add a story line, or the producers to do the "DROPS" fly-by, it might be worth a go.

    Anyone know any soap producers?
  8. Imperial Leather?

    Edited, sorry to much wine at lunch...It should have said Lever Bros :wink:

    Seriously though, I know a couple of TV producers, I'll have a word a see if i can't plant an idea, but they do wildlife programs but must know someone.
  9. Great idea...

    They could have a huge punch up in the Vic and someone could say "wow that milling practice I picked up in the TA came in handy)?

    Or someone when running away from a house with stolen TV could say "I haven't worked this hard since that TA march and shoot in 96"?

    What u think?
  10. Just the guys you need.

    I can see it now.
    David Attenbourgh in a hide, cammed up to look like a fruit machine in the corner of the Naafi.

    (whispering type voice)
    So as you can see the watering hole is starting to become a bit more crowded now that the daylight has gone.
    The less timid creatures from the linebay have staked their places where they have a good view of who will be entering the bar.

    Oh Oh look there is a small herd of technical types standing at the door wondering if it is safe to come in or whether they will be forced into the zulu warrior, but they should be safe enough at the moment as it is still quite early.

    My goodness we are lucky tonight. A flock of "overmade up munters" has just appeared. My hasn't that made the linebay perkup and take notice.

    If we keep really quiet we may be able to hear the chat up lines.

    Stayed tuned and we will return after the adverts......
  11. Nice idea, abacus. But I reckon you'd have an uphill struggle with the commissioning editor types at the BBC in particular. It doesn't quite chime with their particular view of the world.

    I'm not suggesting that there is a conspiracy or deliberate policy against the inclusion in soaps of characters who serve in the TA, but isn't it just a wee bit odd that the cadets and the TA are barely ever mentioned on the BBC at all? I grew up outside of the UK and, despite being bombarded with the British media as a kid (including Commando and Warlord), I was shocked the first time I saw a CCF bod in uniform. I thought the kids had finally overthrown the state and it would be free sweets for everyone.

    I know there are documentaries on occasionally (at 11.50pm, usually) about the Army which sometimes mention the TA. Plus there are the (usually) completely cack adverts. But neither really tackles the point abacus is getting at, I think, which is that it would be good if people saw that being a Gareth or a Blairite stooge isn't a requirement for being in the TA - and went into the background and motivations of TA members. All the adverts show is fake advert-people in the TA, or a real TA person who the cynical TV-viewer suspects has been hand-picked for his non-Garethness.

    Why aren't TA bods mentioned, even if it were only so as to introduce a plot strand which ran like this: character joins TA, character has fun, character goes to Iraq and gets killed (as people often do in soaps). Isn't that even vaguely interesting? Actually, that suggests a minor argument against having TA characters in soaps: they're likely to die.

    The other aspect of the TA's non-presence in the meejah is the MOD's fault but I think I'll mention it here. When some battlegroup or other deploys somewhere, the press statement and so the news item says "650 personnel of the Blankshire BG has deployed to Durga-Durga-Stan." In the fabulous world of Dr Evil, that statement would mention somewhere how many of them are TA.

    Anyway, whinge over. It's a nice idea, abs.
  12. Could just drive MLRS down 'The Street' taing out the rovers and causing £1,000s of improvements to the Battersby's.

    Seriusly though, I agree, this is linked to the TA name change thread - is the TA's name so down that we need a graves registration officer for it? The trouble for the tele execs is that it is viewed as completely Gareth: uncool, right wing, and with no measureable worth.

    Until that image is changed Dot, Pat and Vera are safe from a Troop on a grab a granny night!
  13. Have you seen how badly the Beeb portray the regulars in supposed serious drama, like Casualty?

    The recruits are idealistic 18 year old girls, who try to shoot themselves (after helping themselves from the 'try before you buy' armoury) after having been bullied by the sexist, thick as pigsh#t SNCO... that gives me some ideas for next years training programme :wink: