Prodigal-Two faced or big arrsed?You decide!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Oct 26, 2003.

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  1. She should climb down off her high horse

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  2. I wish she'd shut the **** up

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  3. She should put on a clam jousting show with sweetfart

  4. Poor OLD trout- she stinks of arrse

  5. shhhh! She actually thinks people take her seriously here

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  1. A very boring and pompous old trout called Prodigal has been avoiding flack here through never entering the chatrooms and keeping away from abuse other than to encourage abuse towards others.
    But now the Lady who is above all others is now mightily pissed off as she sees her 'Forces Sweetheart' attacked and has leapt to her defence.Hypocritical agitator or back stabbing menopausal hasbeen?You decide :D
  2. I like her!

    She spent time in green kit, much more time than some of the posters on here.

    I am not completely against the idea of a floor show with her and Forces sweet heart.

    I've seen her pic and will stand on and say that for an onld bird she is worth a squirt :D

    Oh and shoreleave, who the f*ck are you?
  3. Two's up :twisted:
  4. This could get very interesting. :eek:
  5. Shoreleave, we have yet to see you in the chatroom.

    Why would I give you twos up, when they both want me, I just need to convince them that at the same time would be better.
  6. I stand in awe of your superior pulling power
    It's ok sloppy seconds will do me fine :twisted:
    Tried the chat facility but there was no one around will have another try later :wink:
  7. How do you know, bright boy?
  8. Shore Leave, I have infinitely more interesting things to do with my time than spend it in chat rooms talking to inadequates like you. My time, unlike yours, is valuable and I prefer a bit of verbal riposte with real soldiers with real points of view (even if I don't share them).

    Go home and get your nappy changed.
  9. Superior hoity toity bitch :roll:
    And in the words of another member here
  10. mmmmmmmmm.............nope.
  11. Shoreleave aka Blondebint.

    Do us all a favour and fu*k off, noone likes you, you keep pming people and loiter around after you said you were leaving.

    All you are doing is embarrassing yourself further, and demonstrating that we were all right in the first place.

    Trying to turn the cards on Prods was a mistake, but that was an act of stupid deperation.

    Get a life, go and play with another site and stop pretending to be a bloke, and a navy blake to boot

    You sad sad git
  12. That really isnt nice, enough is enough

  13. No one likes me?
    ner ner ner ner ner :lol:

    Doesn't your heavily pregnant woman deserve even an hour of your time and attention in the days before she gives birth? :roll:
    There's only one sad sad git here and it sure isn't me PAL :wink:
  14. BB you sad f*ck, go away

    Shoreleave, downtheroad, whatever other IDs you have my partner is of no consequence to you, although she is with her father for the day if your wanting to stalk her.

    Prods told us what you Pmed, you silly woman, we all thought you had f****ked off for good.
  15. A bit of consistancy please there lipstick you thick marriage wrecking idiot.
    Where was your protest when it was someone else?
    Suggest you Keep your thick groupie backstabbing little mouth firmly shut
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