Procurement Jargon - Translation needed - What is F.I.S.T?

Need a bit of help decoding an MoD procurement/jargon/bollx acronym. It's:

F.I.S.T. AP AC Support "enhanced C4I capability for dismounted soldiers" -

I gather it's something to do with the "Dismounted close combat domain" (footsoldiering in my day - not so very long ago!).

Any (honest) offers to decode the acronym and explain within the bounds of sanity, the obscenity laws and OPSEC what it's about?

Link to appropriate web page very much appreciated.


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Fighting In Someones Toilet, kind of like FIBUA but more ablutory!


Is this a WAH? Ah bollocks I love tempting fate:

Future Infantry Soldier Technology.

Obviously took the MOD and BAe system millions of pounds to think of that instead of calling it NEW BRIT KIT saving Billions!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the Senior officers on the pay role.
FIST = Future Integrated Soldier Technology. Despite lots of misquoting on the web, the 'I' was never for Infantry, as there are other teeth arms apart from the infantry that do 'dismounted close combat'.

AP = Assessment Phase (basically when you work out what it is, how long it should take and how much it should cost).

AC = no idea on this one!

C4I = Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence

Link to the Infantry Trials & Development Unit's web page on FIST.

According to open source literature (Janes Defence Weekly), the FIST Assessment Phase has recently been extended so that the IPT can have more time to develop the evidence needed for the Main Gate decision.
Gun_Nut said:
Link to the Infantry Trials & Development Unit's web page on FIST.

Kinnell! Have they developed a wheelbarrow to carry the batteries yet?

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