Processor and board upgrade, what to go with?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ord_Sgt, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Currently I have a AMD 64 X2 Dual core 3800+ at 2 ghz with 2 GB of ram, about 3 years old, which is a bit slow and tired these days.

    I've just got a new 9600 GT 1 GB video card and am looking at a new mother board and an E8500 processor for around 250 euros. A sensible way to spend my money or should I look at something else?

    Mainly for gaming and a bit of surfing, so needs some umpf to play the latest games.

    Any advice welcome as I've got a bit behind with all the latest technology....

    As an aside, windows 7 is out tomorrow, should I upgrade from XP or not?
  2. Go Quad man! The prices are dropping and the performance is outstanding!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    These are what I have to choose from, is the Intel Core i7 860 2.80Ghz 2.5GT/s 8MB a good deal at 279 euros and worth looking at?
  4. Depends on the games and other stuff you are going to be using it for. With the games that are to released shortly (COD MW2, the new battlefield series) a processor like that will work wonders with a decent motherboard and at least 4 gig of RAM.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    OK, currently playing around with ARMA II but looking forward to MW2 and PT Boats, so that looks like the best option then....

    With memory prices so low, 4 or 6 gig is the way to go as well...
  6. Yep but be aware that xp doesn't recognise anything above 3 gig. (not sure if they sorted that one out!) but vista and Win7 will reconise it all
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well I went in today thinking 3 or 400, but of course the power supply wasn't good enough, the case didn't have enough ventilation, windows 7 was needed, so ended up spending 900. Still I've got an arrse kicking system which should last a while :D
  8. Nice one, look forward to destroying you on MW when it comes out!
  9. If you’re a bit of a geek, well a lot of a geek.

    If you buy some of the AMD Phenon dual core, they are actually quad core with two unused, and can be 'switched' on :wink:
  10. What are the Phenon like with reference to overclocking?
  11. That I don't know myself. I was just browsing processors on e-buyer and noticed a lot of reviews, seems there good for overclocking though.

    Though I know jack about pc's was thinking of building one to learn when I came accross this.

    Ive had this CPU for just under 1 month now and this is by far the best Dual Core on the market at the moment for the price/performance ratio.

    Once more not only is this a fantastic overclocker, but with abit of research i managed to unlock the 2 cores on this CPU turning it into a Quad Core!

    The Phenom II 550 BE becomes an Phenom II X4 B50!

    Only if your motherboard supports it however, Not all do. For you to be able to do this you need an AMD Mobo with the SB750 as this will not work with an nForce Mobo. Just enable the Embedded Controller Firmware and set it to Hybrid and enable Advanced Clock Calibration to Auto in your BIOS and away you go.

    Once more i couldnt be more pleased, Top product and a fantastic service from ebuyer as usual.

    Linky bit :-

    I'm sure this means more to you lot than me, half of it may as well be in Chinese to me :D
  12. Don't upgrade to Windows 7 until it has been out for a year or two. Yes it has been Beta tested, but it hasn't had all the problems it will encounter ironed out as yet. That can only happen once it is out on the market and the masses of sad people who sit outside shops waiting till midnight or whatever to buy it have gone through the process of reporting the bugs they find so that Microsoft can sort them out.
  13. Only the 64bit versions of any OS can address more than 4Gb of RAM so to use over that, or even if you might in the future go 64bit

    On the Windows 7 front go for it now, its more like Vista 1.5 than a full upgrade, Ive been running the Release candidate on my laptop and my desktop since it was released and its the most stable windows platform i've ever used
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Nonsense. I bet you are not even using it yourself?

  15. :? hello Ord_Sgt

    i have a similar spec (3800 x2 ,2gb ram 3 years old ) and was wondering just how much of an improvement has your upgrade been?
    i am starting to notice i havent got the recommended power for the new games and was thinking of going up in the cores.
    Any chance you coould let us know how the upgrade went and was it worth it etc would be great !