Processing power, RAM or graphics card?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Storeman Norman, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Health warning: the following may contain drivel, as my techno geekery knowledge is on a par with Mr Brown's understanding of deals with Libya (apparently).

    I recently purchased a you-can't-beat-it 15.1 mega pixel camera c/w HD movie facility. Works like a dream. However, when I hook it up to my computer and download using wither Canon proprietary software or Picasa, and try to look at pictures or movies, the whole shooting match starts to move slower than a wheezy, 40 a day BPFA runner hoping for the elusive 13 minute finish. Task Manager tells me that the machine is gobbling up processing power (c.100%) and movies are as jerky as a jerky thing from Jerksville.

    I closed down all my memory hungry programmes but movies still don't run properly with Quick Time, GOM Player or whatever.

    I'm running on Windows XP SP3, a 2.60 GHz Pentium 4 CPU and a NVidia GeForce FX 5200 Card.

    Very grateful if anyone has any ideas!
  2. Try copying the movies/pics onto the hard drive of the PC before viewing them.

    Or are you already doing that? Sorry, not sure from reading your post.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I cant tell you much re viewing video, but with regard to pictures I've been using this almost exclusively since I got my DSLR - - it starts up virtually instantly compared to P/Shop and works with virtually all file formats including RAW.
  4. Thanks - I will try that, but my problem seems to be with any software, which leads me to think I need to turbo-ise my creaking hardware. Question is what?
  5. Simple really.

    A combination of all three will make it run smoother than a 6 year olds bottom.

    Graphics - get at least 512 Mb
    Processor - Dual Core or Quad
    RAM - At least a Gig. More the better.

    Your current system is ok but with the advent of HD movies, you need to make sure you have a machine that can handle the huge amount of raw processing thats going on. Believe it or not, you can pick up a decent system for the job at sub the £400 price. Probably better than trying to patch up your current system to make it work because you'll need to change PSU, cooling etc, etc.

    I bought a quad core, 4 gig RAM, 1 Gig graphics, 1Tb HDD monster for a little over £500 not too long ago and its quicker than Linford Christies lunch box. It'll run everything from Pacman to the entire launch sequence for NASA.
  6. Do you have the "Canon RAW Codec" updated to the latest version (or installed)?
  7. Yes I do; thanks.

    @ Flash - got all that and thanks for the input. Apparently I am mustering a Dual Core processor and have 1 GB of RAM as well...perhaps it is the poxy graphics card...
  8. Could well be. I'm guessing its either a 128Mb or 256Mb? If so, its as useful as a condom made out of sperm.
  9. PS - Was this an off the shelf job?
  10. Yep. Got it from Novatech. Very good service and the machine has worked faultlessly since I got it. You can either build your own or just buy what they have. Actually worked out cheaper and easier to buy off the shelf for what I wanted.
  11. Yesssirreee. Those 'educational' movies just don't seem the same using crappy 512mb cards do they? (It's a bugger when the soundtrack outruns the actual picture!), heh heh heh.
  12. Personally I would look at upping your RAM to at least 2Gb and possibly go for a graphics card update although that probably wont make a massive difference to viewing video as I believe the majority of the processing is done on the CPU not GPU.

    If you want to upgrade I would recommend having a look at Ive used them alot and found them very good on the whole and one of the best priced places ive found in UK. Their Home PC range goes from £299 - £414 (inc vat) for base unit only, which is possibly all you need anyway as long as your LCD, keyboard, mouse etc. is all OK.
  13. Another vote for Novatech here, have been using them for 10 years or so now, as Flash said it is cheaper to buy from them than to build your own these days.
  14. Thanks mate. Nice site and sound recommendation; good value too. Looks like I'm going to have to rob the kids of £500 worth of food and clothing iot to get what's required!
  15. How important is the GHz?