Processes with applications?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light for me.

I went on selection in March and was deferred as I needed to lose 3lbs. At my final interview on selection I was told that I had passed with a high B, but that he couldn't give me a job offer there and then as I needed to lose the weight.

I was advised that once I had lost the weight and had the relevant paperwork signed off by my Dr, that my application would proceed in the same fashion as if he had given me the job offer there and then.

I lost the weight and had the paperwork sent back within a month, and since I have been told that initially I would begin training in Sept, then Nov, then definitely January 2013 and now I have been told that it will not be before April 2013.

The thing is my careers advisor at the afco has subsequently left and none of the other people working there seem particularly inclined to help or answer questions. I have been told that I am 50th on the jobs list, does that mean I have an official offer for my first job choice?

My first job choice is RMP and I am aware that they have a recruitment freeze, but I have heard nothing about my 2nd or 3rd choice.

I was just wondering if anyone may be able to shed some light as to where I am in the process, as I am recently married and wanting to make the Army my career. And I don't know whether to carry on waiting for my 1st choice or look at other jobs within the army.


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You need to go in to your AFCO and see where you sit for your 2nd and 3rd choices. If you are 50th for RMP you will not get in the first 2 intakes next year and as more people pass you will slide down again. Speak to your recruiter to make sure you passed for your other choices. They can look on OARBS and work out your position from there and look at availability for those trades. You will have been handed over to another recruiter when your original one left. The dates you were previously given were intake dates but that is all. Very few B grades actually get in to the RMP at the moment. Seriously consider your other choices but also bear in mind that course up to the end of March will already have started to be loaded with the A & B grades.
When you say the course upto the end of March has started to fill up with A and B grades, what exactly does that mean?

Also roughly how many intakes for RMP are there a year? And how many recruits .do they take each time?

The officer who did my final interview said that the fact that I had served as a special constable would stand me in good stead, is that likely to be taken into account along with my grade?

One of the reasons I ask, is that when I initially applied which was around May 2011, my 2nd job choice was Dog handler. But my recruiter told me not to bother putting it down as the waiting list was over 2 years long. But now I'm almost 2 years down he line and still not in, I'm kicking myself slightly. And I font know whether it's worth asking them to reconsider that as one of my job choices.

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What I mean is, the trade courses that begin in March are already being loaded. If you take RLC supplier for example, the course starts in March and is fully loaded, so no more vacancies in this training year (up to end Mar 13).The number of intakes vary depending on job. RMP will not be looking for many next year (I would guess under 100 males and this will probably be over 6 or 7 intakes). That is a 'guesstimate' though. Your special constable history will not make any difference to your allocation, it is purely done on the grade and score you got at ADSC. You may have got a B but how many people before and after you have scored higher. The grade is similar to GCSE's in that a score between 2 two figures equates to a B (eg 112.64 - 124.75 at ADSC is a B grade). You will then be put on the list in order of score within that grade, so if you got 112.64 odds on you are at the bottom of the B's.Dog handler is always popular and a lot of people attempt it, but a high number fail at the specialist event with the RAVC. There is not a 2 year waiting list as such, it depends on your grade/score. If you had a D or even possibly a C then yes you could be waiting 2 years plus, because all those that score above you will be in a position to be allocatted before you. You may well wait for 2 years but if this is the case you need to return to basically start your application again anyway as everything is out of date.You seriously need to get into your AFCO and speak to them. They should look at your choices and advise you. Remember that if you go for a job that wasn't on your original three you may have to go back to ADSC as you weren't looked at for those selection criteria.Also a point to note is that you will not be automatically loaded to any choice except your first one. If you want to go dog handler for example, you need to get that changed to your first career choice and get the AFCO to load you on the specialist event otherwise you will not be looked at. RG will only look at your first choice for allocation.
I was told that I was only two points off an A, so hopefully I will get to start basic in 2013?
I believe that my afco is now closed for xmas as they are not answering their phones, but I will endeavour to get to see them in January.

Do different afco's have different opening hours?
As I struggle to get into mine as they are only open office hours, so I have to pull sickies or book days off work to get in there.

Everybody I have spoken to at the afco just says to wait to hear from them, yet each time I call I tend to be told slightly different things.
Spot on what Sup Rec says and to be honest I don't think you will have a hope of getting loaded for RMP with a B grade especially 50th on the list already with pauses of loading they have had this year and the earliest dates for 2013/2014 RAP is July with 26 places shared between Winchester and Pirbright followed by another 22 in 2013. By the time you get to the bulk of RMP on the 2014 intakes you will of gone even further down the list. Wait till after Christmas and go in and speak to your Recruiter who with the aide of the RAP and awaiting allocations list should be able to advise better on possible changing preference (even then your still not guaranteed) There are only 126 RMP jobs available for males throughout 2013/2014 and if your 50th already with more and more going down then from now then its not looking too good but there is a bit of hope.
My 2nd job choice is Int corp, is this also unlikely without scoring an A? If so could anybody recommend any other job choices of a similar ilk?


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what great insight. Your not in recruiting or have info that can help so don't bother posting. - DISCO

YOUR OWN RECRUITERS WHO CAN SHOW YOU THE RAP AND ALSO WHERE YOU SIT ON THE AWAITING ALLOCATIONS LIST OTHERWISE NEXT IT WILL BE HOW MANY CHEFS, HOW MANY DRIVERS, ect ect ect and DISCO will get bored telling you all off. Speak to them after Christmas, find time to get in face to face and then you will know 100% where you stand as the RAP is out for 2013/14.

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Does anyone know if the Int corp has many intakes in 2013? 3 for Op MI and 3 for Ling. Don't forget you need to go away and do the spec int for this and that needs to be bid for by your recruiter. Then there is a revision pack sent out by the Int Corp prior to attending the event. This is going to take time. Look at what The_Iron has put and take that advice.

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