Process for promotion to Capt

2.5 yrs service for grad, 5yrs for non-grads.

Recommendation from 2RO.

JOLP 2 & 3

MK1 & JOTAC....

...a reasonable amount to crack in first appointment....not sure for TA, check with MSR
Was thinking more along the lines of:

Docs passed to Bde (1 week)
Bde inform Glasgow (1 day)
Glasgow fanny about (3 months)
Capt MMG gets fined for being incorrectly dressed (one Tuesday night)

Maj Gen
#4 forgot published in the London Gazette!

Cough up - it's another easy promotion that doesn't require a board. What more could you ask for?


You also forgot the 2 years at RD that are required prior to promotion to Capt. It can be waived, but if you are the Subalterns' friend rather than the Adjt's friend he/she can be a stick in the mud! I have only heard of this happening once, but that was a TA guy who joined the regs without attending RMAS, I am told that he turned up at his YO's course just after commissioning asking for his next pip!

The current system is that promotion can be administered 'within unit' using long as the unit JPA is system is:
a) Working
b) Showing 'free' LSNs in the appropriate rank guess where the flaw might be in that?
So there is no 'board' or anything?

Comes free with the cornflakes doesn't it?
'In my day' (10 years ago) the TA process included a test weekend.

Just be careful what you wish for; no point giving the head shed an excuse to move you from a command position to an admin one, before you're ready.
Now adays you need 2 recomendations consecutatively for 1 Rank up from first and I think 2nd RO, aswell as usual MK1 & JOTAC.

However if you are in a Rank Ranged Posn ie for Inf Spt Pl Comd, Ops Offr, IO et el and have the Ear of Adj and CO I have been told the CR Reccomendations don't really matter.

I will find out by the end of the year for myself.

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