procedures at a bomb incident

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by star-of-the-west, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. After drinking a bottle of syrah at home i ve decided to include a few slides of the results of an explosion in a lecture i m doing. its a procedures at a bomb incident lecture, i remember in the eighties and nineties we used to have NITAT lectures with a few slides thrown in of various car bombings, most of the people im giving it to dont understand the impact of what can happen as their only experience is watching bat sims in hollywood movies.
    So if anyone can give us a link to any websites i would be most grateful , it doesnt matter which
    conflict as long as its reasonable modern or i ll just get laughed at if i start showing Ypres or something similiar!
    Its not the most interesting lecture about so it will be great to include something for them to think about.
    I know im sad thinking about this on a saturday night but im married now with kids!

  2. Google

    You're giving a lecture and you can't even be arsed looking for your own material? Lazy c**t.
  3. i'm sorry star, but anyone who is giving a lecture and can't be arrsed finding a few pictures when he has the entire f*cking internet at his disposal does not deserve any assistance.

    try typing a few keywords into google you lazy f*cker.
  4. Simple answer really 8O .

    Get thrown in the air and spread your body parts over a large area.

    Glad to be of service. :wink:
  5. ....whilst moving at a vast rate of knots
  6. So let's get this are doing a lecture, you are going to set off a bomb during the lecture, take real-time photos, and make a slide show of the post them here when you get them back from the Boots
  7. You're not an Arab by any chance are you?
  8. You need to slow down and take things a little easier. Doing all this hard work could result in a stroke :wink:

    Why dont you contact your nearest ATO and ask them to give an EOD lecture; then you can just sit back kick of your shoes and chill :D

    Alternatively try media ops at 11 EOD Regt RLC - Didcot
  9. This may hurt!!
  10. Star, How happy am I knowing I won't have to sit through your lecture, with all this research your (not) doing to make it more interesting the students will be contemplating suicide bombings!
    In your case teach the 4 C's;

    Clean up

    I just hope your not teaching 'Actual' soldiers!