Procedure for keeping SFA after retirement (for short period)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by anafiljaysh, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am shortly to retire after what seems like a million years and am currently in SFA. I have just received a letter from the HIO 'Notice to Evict' or something like that, which I find offensive after my years service - as if I am a criminal who is squatting income of their shit houses!

    Anyway - I have to stay in the house for about 3 weeks after retirement as I am not moving to my own house, which is abroad, until then. For various reasons - schooling, tax on gratuity, wife's job etc - we cannot leave until then.

    The question is about process - what do the HIO do to recover the money? What rate do I pay for housing? Anything else I need to know?
  2. It should have been explained to you that this was coming and that it is actually for your benefit, as it allows you to demonstrate to your local council that you are about to be made homeless through no fault of your own and should therefore be treated as a priority case for a council house (just behind single mums, ille... sorry... asylum seekers, etc.)
  3. Thanks mate - but if you read my post I just need to stay in the house for 3 weeks or so before moving abroad and was after procedure for payment etc.
  4. I did read your post, your plans are of no concern to the people who issue the letter. The eviction notice is for your benefit regardless of whether you need it or not.
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  5. .....Don't worry mucka, your advice was bang on but there's none so blind as those who will not see and after 'a million years service', you'd have thought that the OP would have more then familiar with being fecked about and having to cope with nonsensical rules and regulations that are part of service in the mob.

    He was offended and impatiently queing up to get on the outrage bus over a bog standard procedural letter?..Me and you might have realised that it was yet just another w*nk notice and spoken to muckas who have had to deal with this previously.

    Sounds like a Crab.

    For 3 weeks, I'd stay put, wait for the various 'Demands' and settle up with them when it suited me.

  6. anafiljaysh,

    Speak to your Housing Clerk and the HIC about becoming an irregular occupant for the 3 weeks. The HIO have already started the process by sending you the Notice of Eviction (which, as has already been stated is them doing you a favour). You will have to pay an increased charge while you are an irregular occupant but it is not as much as you would have to pay if you rented on civvy street. Try googling JSP 464.
    You should have had this sorted months ago, you have dropped yourself in it by leaving this to the last minute. Or were you hoping someone else would sort it out for you?

    Good luck on Civvy Street,
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  7. I wouldn't worry about it mate, you have 93 days from the day of your discharge to move out (at the rate you are paying now), you then have another 93 days on top (at the rate of £16 per day), then you are looked at on a month to month basis.
  8. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    It doesn't matter what you do: I moved out in excellent order approximately a month and a halve BEFORE my discharge date, and the DIO were even kind enough to record the exact time when I no longer became responsible for my MQ.

    However they then procedded to keep withdrawing my 'Rent' and have now threatened to instigate legal action (twice)unless I move out of the MQ, even though I now live 500 miles away from it. And a heartfelt thank you to DIO for ******* up my wages; meaning it was almost two months AFTER my final discharge date when I received my last payment from the Army.
  9. From the date you become an irregular occupant you no longer pay rent and instead pay 'damages for tresspass', basicaly that you are no longer 'allowed' to be there but pay compensation for being there, at a higher rate then entitled rent but still should be below real life commercial rent.

    If you are on the national grid then you continue to pay your suppliers, if on MoD supply then you stop paying through pay / admin office etc on an AFN1571 and get charged via DBS Finance Liverpool on an invoice, (still initiated by your local ASU) but probably at a slightly higher unentitled rate depending on status.

    You get a few official style letters but no baliffs will turn up, you keep in touch with the HIC regarding your intentions and move out on the date you want to.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Threads like this do make me chuckle. Ultimately, the OP will HAVE to speak to the HIC in order to sort it all out one way or the other so why not do it straight away instead of pissing about on the internet? A million years service, eh? Oh well.
  11. Anyone thinking they will get a council house or being priority if coming out with any form of pension or redundancy will sadly be misled...i do get the OPs point about the eviction note being offensive though as in many occassions the extra month or so is required my case for kids A level exams and deposit for mortgage so after xx amount of service a month or two of illegal occupancy isnt much to ask for and polite letters to HIO will be sent of my intentions
  12. I have it on good authority that it takes around 9 months to get somebodies ARRSE any where near out of SFA if they don't want to go.

    So a few weeks or even months aren't going to make a lot of difference.