Proboots, can they be re-soled?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TheHelpfulStacker, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. As it says in the title really, can they?

    I've a pair which are probably now the most comfortable boots I've ever worn (after the lovely Matterhorns that some git stole a few a years back) but the sole is now getting quite thin.

    I'd hate to part with them and run the gauntlet of the local clothing stores 'just say no' department.
  2. Yes they can. See any reputable cobbler and they'll put vibram soles on them for £30ish.
  3. Cheers.

    I reckon there may be one or two good cobblers in the Aldershot area....
  4. In a similar vein , my Hi-Tec Magnums. Comfy as feck, but the thread is kaput.

    Can they be re-soled?
  5. The same can be done with jungle boots.
  6. I wasn't sure if they could be as they have a trainer style sole rather than a footbed attached to a sole.
  7. Manor Park just down from the small bridge on the right. He did all my resoling. Tiny little shop, blink and you'll miss it.
  8. I had my issue combat boots resoled with Vibram soles a couple of months ago. Extremely comfortable, shite in winter (they have no real depth to the grip) and surprisingly heavy.

    My guess is that a reputable cobbler can pretty much resole anything.
  9. The small bridge by Aldershot FC?
  10. Drive through Aldershot so Princes Theatre is on your right and Queens on left. Follow road for 1/2 mile until you come to small roundabout. Turn left, down the hill, over small humpback bridge. Very small group of shops. He's on right(can't remember name).
  11. Cheers Badger_Heed, I'll take a gander.
  12. No probs. Whatever you do though, do not use the cobblers in Princess Mead in Farnborough. He's pants. Soles came off my jungle boots in a matter of days.
  13. I don't 'do' Farnborough, especially not Princess Mead (well apart from taking my daughter to Whizzy World). It makes Aldershot seem like a really nice place.
  14. of course they can be resold.

    how much do you want for them? :)
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Gordon Veitch 01252 677021 - does vibram soles for jungle boots too - very good