Problems with Windows Phones and ARRSE.

So, I've been surfing on my Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone for a couple of weeks now, and thought I would start a thread primarily to laugh at the eejits who are struggling with their i-phones. I have had no problems whatsoever, and have tried to emulate all the i-phone (and Android) problems, but nada. The site works well using either the mobile format or the full-fat version, and needs none of those stupid app things.

On the off chance that I do come across some issue or other, I'll post it here, but realistically, this thread could now be closed.
I'll just say "Pride goeth before a fall" [h=1][/h]
Mentioned that the site was working on Joe Private's Windows 7 phone to BCO this morning. Quote "so he's the one!" (referring to Windows 7 phone sales rather than of people that can use ARRSE properly I hope)

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