Problems with the ARRSEpedia

Problems with WIKI

I've noticed a few issues with the ARRSEpedia :-

In Firefox (Mozilla) the links to Printable version & Disclaimers on the main page don't work :-

Instead, right clicking anywhere between the two red lines below gives the same result as if you'd left clicked the edit link.

In I.E. the main page category edit links float over the text as shown below.

On the Printable version of the main page the header text floats about 80 pixels above & 140 pixels to the left of where it should be as shown below.


Pesky, hasty skin that we created..... mind you it looks ok (mainly) in Firefox!
Not being quite a, "Wiki Ninja," (good phrase!)I am confused.

An orphan page is one with no links from other pages, as I understand it.

But, for instance, Fluffybunny's Military Ancestors page is in the orphan category yet has lots of blue links from other pages.

Am I missing something?


It certainly has lots of links to other pages but I can't find any pages that have links to it. Select What Links Here from the left hand menu to see what I mean.
I've also revamped the Edit page with some more detail on the mechanics of the wiki.

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