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Problems with Nero

Recorded letters from Iwo Jima the other night and decided to transfer it to a DVD less adverts. Run it through DVD shrink and cut out the ads. Saved each part as part1 - 5 in a separate folder.

Opened Nero imported clips and merged title. Done this a load of times before. Few mins later burn process failed!!

I can watch each clip so they can't be corrupted.

Burned part 1 with Nero, no problems, also burned some data and copied a disc. Starting to bug me a little now.

Any ideas ?

did you check the blank disk you are using? Reboot your machine and try again, you may have some weird process running that may be interfering with nero
Thought of that - it won't even burn to a hard disk folder. Think it's something to do with having used DVD shrink, this one is 3.2, newer version

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