problems with my transfer

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by coded, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. I have had a major problem with my transfer to the scots dg, i was ment to be on a flight on sunday and got caught up in the chaos leaving london which led me to miss my flight. I was given no way of contacting my new unit as my RCMO did all the contacting and having gone back to my old unit they have told me its nothing to do with them and im not really sure what to do now. So im just asking for some advice really.
  2. Not that I can help much, but don't expect much sympathy regarding the missed flight excuse. Have you spoken to your old RCMO to get the numbers he used?
  3. i went in yesterday my rcmo is on leave and his blokes say its not their problem as im not in the regiment anymore
  4. Have you tried directory enquiries? Chief clerk, Scots Dragoon Guards. Not too hard really is it?
  5. You could speak to your Adjutant. Technically you might be AWOL and he is responsible for discipline and G1 issues.

  6. Agreed, my point about the Adjt was not to suggest our chap is in trouble, but he is "adrift" and the Adjt will make sure that the right people know where he is and when he will be where he is supposed to be.
  7. Flight on Sunday today is Tuesday and you have been unable to find any contact details for the Regiment you are going to spend the rest of your career with. I hope you enjoyed the weekend it is probably going to cost you plenty.
  8. This is a wah, right?

    What calibre of people are serving in the army nowadays if it has to come to this?

    I'm seriously disappointed.
  9. i got caught in the whole london midlands staff deciding on sunday morning that they didnt want to work that day, but it was wasnt a strike just the whole staff decided sundays are not fun days to work it seems. and everything being sorted now thanks for the advice