Problems with my new Sennheiser PC130 cans

I hope this is in the right forum.
I got myself a set of Sennheiser PC130 cans recently and very good they are too. However, even at full-belt on the sound control thingy on the cable, the volume is still very low. I plug them into the corresponding jacks on the front of my computer (since I can't find any others) and all the sound levels I've found to date on programs on my computer are set to maximum.
So has any techno-bod got any idea what I may be doing wrong?

Last set of Sennheiser headphones i worked with required batteries for the background noise reduction, maybe they are flat or not there? Or the noise reduction switch is on?
Assuming Windows is your thing.....

Right click the toolbar icon for the volume control, click open volume controls

at this point check the levels on the sliders there are 'up'
If no luck,

click options
then check all the missing icons for playback and accept.
check the sliders there are 'up'

Had this happen once on a set of decent headphones. dont know why.
Cheapo headphones worked ok, plugged the posh ones in and they messed up the settings.
OK, Fatbadge, I've done as you said, but the volume's still the same, i.e. low. Could this have anything to do with the impedance, which is 32 Ohms, d'you think?

Yup, sounds like it could be. The 'standard' stuff on the front is probably erring on the side of low quality. Have you got nothing on the back of your computer ( as in off the soundcard) that you can plug into? these would most probably be of better quality and might prove better?
Right, Fatbadge, I did what you directed and plugged it straight into the sound-card, but with no improvement. The only other possibility I can think of is that the cans might be defective. What d'you think?

I would think the impedance would be the issue.

rockhoppercrab's comment was of no use?

I would assume the impedance of the headphones too great for the computer.

Have you tried them on a music system?


Just read up on them, theyre 112Db and designed for MP3 players, PC's etc.

It may well be that you have a duff set of headphones. I'd try them on another system to determine whether it is the headphones or a setting on your computer.
Well, they work just fine on the stereo. I'm completely baffled now.

S' gotta be a setting somewhere on the computer.

If you're running XP have a look in the
control panel >
sound,speech & audio (this is on 'category view')>
then have 'a play' with some of the settings in there.

Cant suggest anything other than that, Sorry!
I had a look in the settings as you said, Fatbadge, and all the volume settings are at maximum, apart from in Advance Controls for Volume Control. There are two settings there; one for bass and one for treble, but they're greyed out and I can't adjust them. Could that be the trouble?

Anyway thanks a lot, mate for taking the trouble to help. I really appreciate it.


E2A There are no batteries in the cans. I've checked that now.

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