Problems with my house

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dhgrainger1, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Alright, I know this is the NAAFI bar, but I'm willing to withstand the standard responses if I get this sorted.

    I moved into my house last sunday, and since then, I've found a list of stuff thats bollox about it. The bathroom mainly is the problem, the sink takes about an hour to drain from full, the window frame has expanded with damp and therefore doesn't shut properly (major security risk), the power shower is more of a dribble, despite me cleaning the whole thing. The whole bathroom is mouldy and needs repainting, despite me telling the landlords that I wanted it done before I moved in.

    Basically, I've been on to the landlords for the past week about it, and despite promises they've done nothing to sort it out. If I threaten to withold rent until they've sorted it when I ring them back on monday, will i have a legal leg to stand or will they just laugh in my face?



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  2. You might want to ask in another forum mate.
  3. Go to CAB. There are some provisions in place for this kind of situation, but i can't remember what they are. Also might be worth trying your nearest students union as they are used to students getting screwed by landlords so have lots of info and pamphlets on the law and such stuff.

    Or just do the work yourself, deduct all costs and your hourly rate as you reckon it, and then deduct that form the rent and give them a receipt for it. If they don't like it, kill them and burry them under the new patio. In 12 years time you'll then own the property too!
  4. go to a lawyer, ask them to hold your rent for you, but keep up the payments each month. if was to go to court, the judge would more than likely take your side as it would show you were still paying your rent (even though it was to a lawyer) and you wouldn't get evicted. it would show that you had been complaining but nothing was being done.

    good luck
  5. List the deficiencies. Identify the hardships that result (e.g. hygiene, security, etc). Forward to your landlord requesting that "the deficiencies be rectified in a timely manner and not later than... " (insert a reasonable date, probably not less than two weeks). Include photographs of the deficiencies.

    If nothing happens by the date specified, send one more letter, "You were advised of the problems by letter on (insert date) and have had ample time in which to arrange rectification. If the deficiencies are not corrected by (insert a date one week hence), I will be obliged to refer the matter to a solicitor and will seek recompense from you of my costs and lack of use of the facilities."

    If nothing gets done by this time, see a solicitor.

    Don't arrange to get work done - it could backfire and you'd be liable for the costs of returning the residence to the way it was.

    Don't withhold rent. It would put you in breach of your tenancy agreement.

    The letters that you've sent will have been mere statements of facts, so should be in your favour should it come to a court case. You've detailed the problems and given not just one, but two opportunities for the landlord to sort out his act and advised him that you will seek compensation.

    The landlord would have to have large balls to risk taking on a case in the Small Claims Court.
  6. Threaten him that if he doesnt square it away - tell him that you are going to kick his daughters back doors in and violently insert a pinapple into his rectum.
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  10. My suggestion is to get down the Armoury sharpish tomorrow, sign out all the kit that they'll let you, get the Ammo Storeman to sort you out some ammo, then go and kill your landlords wife, and nail her corpse to his office door.

    Then ask him if he'd like to sort out your sink.
  11. Do not withhold your rent, keep paying it but at the same time go through the legal side of life.
    If you withhold your rent, you lose any chance of winning in court, sadly, as much as it feels the right thing to do, withholding rent is the one thing that will put you on the wrong side of the legal system straight away.(been there, done it, and know the reality)

    Contact the CAB or a solicitor asap, explain the problem and let them deal with it.

    On another note, did you not look around this house before you moved in, to make sure all the problems had been sorted?
    How major are the problems that you couldnt put them right yourself for sake of arguement, even though by rights, the landlord should have done it?
  12. Cheers for the info. I did look round the house, and I've got it on verbal agreement that they would rectify the problems, like mould in the bathroom etc. Guess I'll keep paying then, and speak to a solicitor on monday. Cheers.
  13. Keep a diary of events.
    Like when you were told they would sort it and what was said.
    Make a nice neat job of it and you can show it to the court if push comes to shove. It shows that you took the effort to resolve matters and didn't just drop it in the landlords lap. The court will also be able to see what you could have reasonably expected from your landlord.

    You may find a nicely worded letter from your solicitor will get his arrse into gear anyway once he realises you mean business. But even that will sour things for the future with your landlord. Don't be surprised if he takes the first opportunity to turf you out in the future if you resort to legal matters too soon. No-one likes a smartarrse and no-one likes to be made a fool of even when they know they're in the wrong.

    Good luck with it.

    Oh I nearly forgot... because this is the NAAFI... fuck off you big soft mong, kick the landlord's fucking head in. Get a grip of yourself. :D
  14. You can lawfully withhold payment on any goods or service that don't meet the terms of the agreement. That's not the same as not paying it, though.

    As Muggie said, you set up an account specially set up for the purpose - named "rent on 42 Acacia Avenue" or whatever - and keep making the payments on the agreed schedule. You also get your lawyer to write your landlord a letter stating that the monies are being paid into this account but will be withheld until specified faults are rectified. A complete list should be included with the letter. Make sure 'before' photographs are lodged with the solicitor at the very beginning of the affair so accurate comparison can be made with 'after'.

    I used the same technique on some builders who tried to take me to court to get the dosh even though their work was half-arrsed. The judge laughed them out of court and awarded me quite generous costs.
  15. Not when it comes to rent you cant, sorry to piss on your cornflakes there, but you cant.