Problems with my ARRSE

Dear Good/Bad CO.....

I notice , that in spite of the fact, you are building an organ of extraordinary magnitude in ARRSE, that the number of contributors you have here, is sadly lacking.

I think I may know the reason why.

Several of my unit, have been trying to add their comments etc to the forum, but have been unable to.

This seems to happen, because even after you join, the board appears, not to have registered you. The same thing happens, if you are trying to contribute to a thread.

Faced with the "You do not exist" message, people are just giving up. Now, I appreciate, this may be a clever piece of Anti-Stab filtering software, copyright Sir Michael Walker Enterprises 1998, but it is a pain in the Arrse.

After being faced with the "Never heard of you"  screen, when I first tried to join, I tried out of idle curiousity and screaming frustration the "Refresh" button and lo and behold , I was in....

Might it be an idea , to put a "READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST" or a "WHY CAN'T I POST?" floating thingy or button on the index page?

I just feel that may be the reason, especially as most squaddies of my acquaintance, can't wait for an anonymous moan.

Failing that being the reason, then us who contribute, need to get stuck in amongst our mates, and make sure they are aware of your august organ  ;)

What do you think?

PtP ;D

Bad CO

Book Reviewer
I think I know the 'several members of my unit' who have been trying to login with us and believe that she is now sorted!

The basic problem is that you have a login name and a display name that aren't necessarily the same.  Obviously the latter you can change to whatever you want but you must use the login name to.... bizarrely enough login!  
I haven't heard the one about the 'refresh' button before but I will put a 'Why can't I post thread' on the top of this forum later

If anyone has any problems just email us and we'll sort it out.

Personally I have no problems with Stabs (not that I'd let one marry my daughter, if I had one one, mind).

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - well mine anyway GoodCO has buggered off to Spain for a while leaving me to run this huge organ all by myself!
I think BadCO is wielding his huge organ with great skill and care.  Very impressive.


ooo-er missus, I love nothing better than playing on a Huge Organ in the morning!! ;)

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