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Hi all, I am currently 17 and have been looking at joining my local unit, however they keep telling me that I have to be 18 to join when it states on their info page that the age is 17, the unit is D Company 4 Mercian in Stoke-on-Trent if that helps, any ideas on what to do? Also been looking at joining the engineer regiment too.
Not much you can do if the unit you want to join are saying no mate, though I thought the standard TA infantry age now was 17.5. Have a look around the engineer unit you're interested in aswell and ask them what their minimum age is. If they say no then looks like you'll have to wait until you're 18
It's been 17 and a half for well over 35 years. If you're a bit short of that, there was a get-around by joining as a Junior Bandsman, but I suppose that would depend on whether or not there's a band these days. I was a JB for my first 3 months but it was just a paper appointment and didn't involve musical instruments.
Well technically, I'm not actually in (I think). I'm due to attend an interview with an regiment WO2 where he said they'll be in a position to offer me a job.

You can add me on my email or skype and I'll happily keep you update to what I'm going through in the TA.

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I underwent TSC(A) as a 17 year old in an infantry regiment with no problems. Ok so I was the only person on camp who wasn't allowed a drink but that stop all the banter with the rest. But if you're local unit don't want you at 17 then there is nothing you can do apart from look for another
This is in the recruiting regs. Your unit should know this. All you have to do is get your parents consent.

(3) Minimum Age (TA). 17.6 years. Candidates may be enlisted as TA (Young Soldiers) between the ages of 17.0 and 17.6 to fill vacancies within authorised unit establishments. For detailed instructions please refer to TA Regs 1978 Chap 5 Annex C.
Okay as a 4 Mercian recruiter I can clear this up, yes you can join our unit at 17.5, do your medical, BARB and selection, however 143 brigades policy is not to train anyone under the age of 18, this is due to the costs of sending instructors on courses and getting CRB checked. Its naff because I did my TA basic training at your age with 4 Div.



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