Problems with home page, logging on and off


Maybe it's just me but i'm having intermittent dramas at the minute. When I log onto Arrse the home page sometimes shows the latest posts as 30 to 60 mins old and doesn't update even if i close IE and reopen it?

When I click on a topic or forum it sometimes isn't up to date, is it just my PC or are other people having similar problems?

I've tried logging off and back in but that doesn't seem to help.

I logged out closed IE and when I re opened IE and went to Arrse it showed me as logged in straight away?

Any (sensible) ideas :?


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Seems very slow and clunky again today
Sometimes I've had to come out of it and go back in again
30 - 60 + seconds when posting waiting for it to update
When i exit IE and go back in the latest post on the home page is at 13:49 and when i click on a topic or board its as it was at that time. :(

The whole thing is making my arrse itch! :x
YesItsMe said:
do you use or ?

i've had this before when using

no idea whether it's a help to you - but keeping fingers crossed for you :)
Top tip, thanks, :D I've switched from to .com and it seems to be much better. Pages seem slower to load though, maybe it's just my PC and 'tinterweb connection?
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