Problems with GMail / IMAP and iPhone Mail app

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by viceroy, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Hope the collective might of the Arrse can help:

    I have been using Gmail on my three consecutive iPhones over the years with no issues whatsoever. However, for the last week now, I can no longer get my mail downloaded either through 3G or Wlan. The error message is "the user name or password for Google Mail is incorrect".

    Not having made any changes to my account prior to the error message, I deleted the account and re-installed it, changed passwords, reset the phone, unlocked (-reset)captcha, installed the mail manually (as oppose to pre-defined Gmail), played around with SSL settings, mail labels and Server Ports and still do not have access.

    Some further info: I do get access through the iphone 4 to my other, secondary gmail account on the phone without any problem through 3G and WiFi. The gmail access to the principal account that does not work through iphone does work from other devices, such as iPad, and Firefox and Safari as well as the iphone browser. This isolates the problem to a combination of iPhone and Gmail and the particular Gmail account in question is where the solution is to be found. Any thoughts???
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You seem to have done everything - well everything I would have - are you anywhere near an apple store that you could take it to and let them have a fiddle?
  3. Will try; though like said the issue is to be found in the gmail account. Spoke to the phone op and got the response you always get: "check with googlemail, it ain't us"... Will try apple store tomorrow, though based on previous experience they usually cannot help and will likely blame google, who is increasingly their only competitor... If this keeps happening, will have to migrate to back up address or @me address!

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  4. Perhaps Google have combined your accounts. I recently tried logging into one account on the web and a message came up saying: "Please use your Google Account ( password to sign in. We no longer support signing in with your old xxxx xxxxx password"
  5. I think Not as I have not received the error message you describe. Not yet had time to see the genious at apple but hopefully tomorrow.

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  6. I got similar with my YouTube account as that is also owned by Google. Once I logged into iGoogle using my primary it piggy-backed to YouTube too but If I log into iGoogle using another secondary account I lose my YouTube login as it is not associated to an account there.