Problems with fitness standards? Read this!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Tonight I attended a British Military Fitness class at a park in South Manchester. I can only find positive things to say about BritMilFit: the staff are great, experienced, the people are committed and encouraging. It is suitable for most fitness levels from sub par to super advanced and the best thing of all:

    It will get you through the fitness parts of a military application.

    Seriously good work out, the best I have had perhaps ever. Since attending this class I have absolutely no doubt that when I attend the AOSB I will not be getting binned for not being fit enough, I have absolute confidence in BritMilFit to take my determination and turn it into results.

    All the staff are ex military (the two guys tonight were ex Marines and Army and the class was good fun and really tough... but still enjoyable. It costs 30 pounds a month for as many classes as you want at any venue around the UK (this is coorporate rate, which you will get if you tell them you want to join the military).

    So if you are having problems getting your fitness sorted, visit:

  2. I add backing to this. Ive been with BritMilFit for 6 months now and love it. Good staff give advice on doing exercises right etc.. Best part about it is that your in a large group so theres the factor of not wanting to let them down so you push more. I was running 1.5 in 12mins piss poor 2 months of BMF and had it down to 10mins.

    Well worth the £30-£38 a month i do 3 classes a week, i would do 4 but cant make one due to work commitments :(

    But as Jay said give it ago you get the first class free to see what its all about and your not held down to a contract.

    P.s Nothing better then getting cold, wet and muddy lol!
  3. This sounds like a really good system. In the future when I get out its good to know this sort of facility is available to maintain fitness levels.
    And it will put you such a good start to your army career if you're thinking of joining.
  4. Pity they don't do it in NI!

  5. £30/month? FFS, I get the military PTI beasting free and I'm expected to smile at the end as well!

  6. lol but you're all ready in! Not the point....

  7. I back this. My legs still hurt but this is seriously good training. JC, do you train at Platts Fields?
  8. Yeah I do man, do you attend? Thinking about also going along to the one at Heaton Park as I work a rota at a bar in the city center so sometimes don't get Tue and Thur evenings off.

    But yeah talk about aching legs.

  9. anyone tried the colchester one??
  10. Hehe give it couple of classes and you get passed the body aches.
  11. Wish there was one nearer me, i benefit immensley from being shouted at, and by the time i have gone into the toon i could have done my sets twice.....
  12. Well, you've convinced me to give it a go!!!

    Anybody here using a North Manchester one? Thinking about Bolton Moss Bank!
  13. What the hell are BURPEES ????

    there is one within an hours drive so just emailed them.......

    What a way to spend Saturdays - no more nagging about shopping and shit..... Just waiting on the reply.

    Big thanks for posting the thread, still wanna know what BURPEES are though :?

    (edited for urine poor english)
  14. Burpees are fecking horrible.

    Burpees Page

    Can't be bothered to retype, but they're nasty. I hate them.
  15. I would like to thank you for posting that, now wish I had not asked and am away to hide in some dark corner and wondering what I have done in asking about such evil things :(