Problems with Fire Service Employer.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Adolf, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I am a Crew Manager within the Fire & Rescue Service and would like some advice in regards to joining the TA.Having a previous 8 years service in the Army prior to joining the Fire Service I am now keen to join the TA and have recently visited my local unit who seem keen to take me on board.The problem I have is that I have found out today that my Brigade have placed a ban on any new applications to join the reserve/TA. This seems very starnge as there is only 1 member of my entire Brigade who is in the TA.

    Any Help or advice would be greatly appreciated.I also intend to speak with the TA units UESO
  2. You could try SaBRE's helpline - 0800 389 5459
  3. Spoke with my mums bloke the other night who is in the London fire brigade as I was thinking of joining. The brigades policy is that no fire fighter can join any reserve service as what they do in the brigade is classsed as a reserved occupation (or something like that).

    Not sure if the brigade you're applying for opts for this policy but if they do then I can see any way around this mate. Good luck
  4. The Beer Man, thanks for your reply but Im afraid that information is incorrect as neither the Fire Service or the Police is now classed as a Reserve Occupation.I no numerous guy in other Brigades who are reserve/TA its just my stinking Brigade that is putting a block on TA service.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The idea of "Reserved Occupation" did indeed go out years ago. As with many other uniformed services, it's down to the management, I'm afraid. If they don't want you to join, they can indeed stop you - if they are co*ks, then they are co*ks, I'm afraid.

    Do try SaBRE though - they are very experienced at smooth-talking employers and bringin them round.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Actually I dont see how any employer can stop you doing it if its not in your conditions of service, you are not breaking any law as tax is paid at source and as long as your day job comes first (that may mean no ops) then I cant see how they can stop you. When GW1 kicked off My area Engineer asked me if I could work out how many reservists there were in the department and how many we could do without, lazy sod!
    In fact even if its in your contract I'm sure you can make the FBU work on how to get you in!
  7. Your quite right "Jack Daniels" is has indeed taken me that long.If you had a modicum of common sense you would realise the world is not a straight forward place and we cant all just drop our existing life,including familly and young children and join the TA.

    As for "just try asking your Brigade" if only I had thought of that.You are indeed a bright spark.Can I suggest that if you cannot supply constuctive advice you go back to playing with your toys or looking at members prevoius posts which Im sure you get alot of pleasure from.

    May I thank all prevoius members who have had good advice .I intend to contact Sabre on Monday as there is no reply it seems over the weekend and also seek further advice from my prospective unit.

  8. No. I sent you a PM which I considered was constructive but which you chose to answer in a rather guarded manner, Eh, I'm all opsec aware and that but FFS it isn't hard just to pick up a phone to the TA and Bde HQ and ask them, you've been asking about the TA for nearly 2 years, make your mind up, do you want to do it or not.
    As for playing with toys, where the hell did that come from, if you're a Crew Manager like you state surely you've got a 'modicum of common sense' as you put it to do the above, one of your posts states that you served 8 years regular and another you state you've done 10, in one of your posts you prefer the RAF Reserve to the TA stating that 'the TA come in a sad last place',no 'sense' there is there?
    We've all got families etc and if you're pondering as long as you have about it because of those reasons then it isn't for you is it? I looked at your previous posts as I do when people ask that sort of question and you seem pretty obsessed with the TA, so off you toddle to your indecisive life. Bye.
  9. Adolf what brigade are you in??

    I may be able to help.

    PM me.
  10. Adolf you're talking balls, when I was PS at a TA Unit we had members who were Fire Fighters.
  11. Cheers for your input Evilgoblin. You are quite right that there are guys out there who are TA members, I know of several firefighters who are RMR members.Every Brigade has its own policy and my Brigade has turned around an stated that no serving members will be aloud to join the TA/Reserve as it effect Operational Resilience.This is mad as there is only 1 firefighter from the whole Brigade that is TA.
    You are welcome to pm me and I will supply you with my HRs phone number so you can tell them that they are talking Balls, as indeed they are but Im afraid my facts are correct.
  12. im a temp watch manager in GMC and i understand your frustrations mate it took me nearly 2 years to convince them to sign my form to allow me to rejoin TA, i have been back in since 2005 so it can be done its just finding the right angle and people to convince!!

    my next problem is what happens when i am mobilised how do i convince work to let me go!! lol and seeing as were being told we are deploying to afghan next year then the problem could be upon me very quickly!!!
    Any advice anyone???
  13. Should be interesting the next time you militant b@stards go on strike and because of other commitments they have to mobilise the TA to do your jobs for you :?
  14. Cheers paul664009 for your reply, would be interested to know how you convinced them ,please pm me if you have any advice.Are you aware of any other guys from the Service in the TA.