Problems with Contact Us Form

Bad CO said:
Many thanks for the kind offers but as requested above ......

Bad CO said:
.... please Contact Us with the details.
The reason we say this is that with the number of items we get it can be very difficult to keep track of what is going on. Our email system is the ideal way to do that.
Unless you get this all the time, that's why I've posted on here. :oops:


Bad CO said:
I think this problem is down to not filling in the "Send To" box on the contact form. I've added some more text on that page which I think clears things up.
There is no "Send To" Box.

There is:
Your instruction.
List of addresses (whish aren't clickys).
User eMail.
Message box.
Security code.
Send button.
Nuts, I thought I had it cracked but can't duplicate the problem now. Has anyone else had it and can give me some details about when it happened?

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