Problems when in the Grenadier Guards?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ReidJ19, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, lurked on here for a while and have now decided to take action and get my arrse in gear with my application for HM Armed Forces!

    The Grenadier Guards is one of the regiments I'm really interested in joining, but while reading a few old threads about them i saw a few people talking about a lot of rubbish you have to put up with when you get in. What rubbish are they talking about? Poor treatment, shitty jobs to undertake or what?

    I'm guessing it's largely the same in a lot of regiments you join but from what I've read, in the Footguards you have to put up with a lot of crap. Anyone who can help me out with an answer is much appreciated!

  2. Disco is the one for advice.
  3. Heaven, on a Saturday?
  4. People who say you have to "put up with a lot of crap" when joining the Grenadier Guards are either old and have been out for a long time so don't know what life in the Battalion is now or have never actually had much if any contact with the Household Division and are just recycling the same worn out old squaddies tales.

    If you can elaborate on what sort of crap you've been told you'll have to put up with then I can tell what's gen info and what is rubbish.
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  5. I am an ex- Scots Guardsman who served for 23 years and to this day I am proud to have served in the Regiment. I have met and served with Grenadiers and forgetting the inter Regimental rivalry they are a great bunch. I don't know what they mean by "crap. I do know that being a Gdsn requires a high standard of soldiering skills like the rest of the Inf. Regiments and in addition the ability to maintain a high standard of personal turnout when assigned to Public Duties.
    Go for it.
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  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I heard they surgically remove your head and replace it with a wooden facsimile and that to be in the Queens company you have to be over 7 foot tall. I also heard that its really only a stop over cause the place to be is Guards Para who are like the dogs bollocks and the best plt in the whole of 3 para.

    Course it could all be bullshit :) except for the wooden head bit, I'm sure thats gen.
  7. Stop flapping about what other people say and go and find out for yourself.
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  8. Well, the wooden head bit goes without saying.
  9. I have to agree with Crow Bag (Damned Gobbler that he is :p ) and Donmac, having been part of the Blue Red Blue and the father of a current member and served beside all the Regiments, the inter-Regimental rivalry is still going strong and a good laugh, you will have a great time.
  10. Still got mine!
  11. Dont you know it!
  12. As the posh grunts are not quite clear in their answers, I, the ex donkey sucker, shall try to put this in to simples terms -

    You go to a good school, a school that does its best to make it students, like yourself, feel proud that you go there. The school has been on the same grounds for 150 years, it has a lot of old traditions, which seem funny to the new students, a way of life to the older students and highly important to keep traditions alive to the teachers.
    One of these could be the fact that when a teacher walks in to the classroom, all the students stand up and say "Good morning Sir / Ma'am, this is, say a small a tradition since 1876, when the former Prime minister of the UK, left no.10 and started as a teacher and the students wanted to show their respect to him. It seems an odd thing to do 140 years later, but hey, I suppose it's tradition and really it is a sign of respect - for which the teacher gives you respect back.

    This is how the Household division works (5 regt's of Foot & the Household Cavalry), small simple things that have gone through up to 300 years of traditions.

    HOWEVER - Down the road is Flackwood high school, it's 50 years old and gets a bit annoyed at it's "Posh" neighbours, with their funny ways and takes the piss out of them. But it doesn't want to be out-done by them. So the Headmaster at Flackwood has now decieded that everyday at 9am, all of the children at Flackwood will stand in assembly and sing the National anthem. No ******* obviously reason as to why, but you have to do it anyway.

    This is how a Corp tends to behave when it gets too close to Guards regt. They come up with crap things to try to make themselves look better, but really, there is no bloody reason to.

    As for the rest of the RAC and the Inf - Never heard any major issues with bullshit and mostly good regts. They tend to refer to the traditions as bullshit, rather than the role or the treatment.

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  13. Thanks for the replies so far everyone. From what people have said, there was a bloke saying there's "a lot of bullshit but after a few years you won't notice" and another lad apparently regretted going in. None of 'em are specific in what they mean, so if anyone can elaborate on problems they've had while in the guards that'd be helpful.

    I'm guessing most of the gripes are with public duties and ceremonial stuff, but that's not really a problem for me since i really like the tradition side of it.

    Also after leaving Nijmegen Company, how much of your work is soldiering and how much is ceremonial? Sorry for these q's but i can't find the answers i'm looking for in other threads and can't get down to AFCO 'til next week!
  14. I plan to mate, just waiting on my exam results and i'm going for it!
  15. From what I've seen, the kind of people who leave their regiment (whether that be guards, chippy or whatever) and then proceed to slag it off for the rest of their lives, are the type of spineless little (although a great many are in fact big fat) ***** that couldn't make while they were in. Couldn't hack the discipline. Were drama cases. Or just plain *********.

    The lads I know that have been attached to the Grens for tours in the past and indeed are attached for the tour they are on now, have nothing but praise for them as a fighting battalion. Weirdos yes. But nowhere near as bullshitty as they thought.

    Forget the naysayers. Septem juncta in uno
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