Problems staying interested!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by liverpains, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. After a 12 month posting including a tour of Afghanistan I return to my TA unit to find it in the same drab, dull and last minute dot com way that I left it last Christmas. Since the loss of our previous (and the best) SSM just over 18 months ago our unit has just gone further and further down hill. Adventure training has been canceled for both the previous training years, any chance to go out on the piss results in everyone being gated in favor of a 'GAMES NIGHT', any ideas for outside activities to help increase attendance / enthusiasm / or for charity are quashed regardless of the fact that they dont interfere with the FOE. Dress is another point I wish to discuss; if lads can tip in wearing civvy bought boots and combat jackets when its cold (when working outside) on a parade night, why do I get pulled up for wearing my issue green jumper on top of my combat shirt (which I have seen officers doing I might add (I am aware they are a law unto them selves)), the very same jumper was fine whilst with my adopted unit during the early months of this year and looks much smarter than a combat jacket. Whats next no green floppy hats when in the field? I'd probably just get stared at if I shouted "NAKED BAR".........we're not allowed to have fun anymore!
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    Have you put forward your ideas for improving the place to the CoC?

  3. its the same at our place, fun is banned so is smiling or appearing to be enjoying yourself. Enthusiasm is frowned upon.
  4. Might aswell put a positive spin on this!

    Our place went through 2 years of 3 - 4 people turning in on a tuesday, recruits that never came back a second time due to the other unit we share the camp with having 90% (and 3 bars and a gym) of it and us having a tiny shed and 2 offices in the back corner.

    We still have this amount of space, the only thing thats changed Is that we've got a keen enthusiastic 2Lt, in 2 weeks we've 'made' a bar, redecorated, produced loads of new recruitment literature/media and did a weeks solid recruitment.

    Now we have a solid weekly training plan for trained Soldiers and one for recruits, and we have 30 recruits turning in every Tuesday!

    Things can change!
  5. So what's the point?! If that were the case I'd sack it.
  6. believe me there is a select few of us who no matter how bad it gets we have remained enthusiastic, but bit by bit moral has been chewed away, one one us (a senior) has got a posting to get away and is loving it; another is really struggling to soldier on. My problem is that after being away I am keen as fcuk, but getting knocked back and ideas brushed under the carpet so quickly makes me think that another post away could be good not only for my career but to tick all the boxes I wanted ticking when I joined.

    Is the green woolly jumper still part of CS95 or is it just adopted by some units as a state of dress???
  7. We get the pullys issues, but no-one wears It.