Problems running... :s

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Karl_uk, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys..

    all of a sudden when i start running the back of my legs seem to seize up and are very painful (just got back from a 1 mile run and im in agony :( )

    i usually go to the gym and go on the treadmill when i run, but realised i nee to practice running on the road a bit (uphills, wind resistant and all that) anyway - as i handed in my application yesterday! i dont dare go to my doctor incase i get held back.. altho, this needs to be sorted out so any ideas u guys have wud be most helpful.. cheers :(
  2. Sounds stupid but are you STRETCHING properly prior to commencing your runs?

    Also, what kind of outdoor running are you doing? Flats/Uphill/Downhill/Cross-Country/Variety?

    What sort of distance did you used to do on the treadmill?

    If you're in pain after a mile something seems wrong.
  3. Are your running shoes decent ones or some cheap brand?
  4. Exactly where is the pain and what sort (apart from the type that hurts!!)... I mean do you seize /lock up or is it a stabbing pain etc... ??
  5. well i thought i was :s

    well do the 3 stretches that are on the "Army Fit" thing u get the from the career's place. So calves,hamstring and quads, 10 seconds holding each one..

    type of running i do is mostly flat, as well there aren't many hills do actually go up round my area

    on the treadmill, i was doing about 1 to 2 miles normally. I was doing other stuff at the gym like rower, bike, and a load of weights before i ran.
  6. I always thought it would be harder running outside than on a treadmill as well, seeing as all I ever run on is a treadmill.. when I went to the ADSC I had my best time (9:53) in comparison to 10:00 on a treadmill, and that PTI up at ADSC Lichfield said she finds it harder on a treadmill, I was a tad shocked because a treadmill does most of the work for you but I found it easier outside on the day! probably because she was setting the pace and then I overtook her :)

  7. In the middle of the muscle above my ankle, at the back of my leg.

    When i got back, tried doing some strectches, which was quite hard, as my leg was like shaking when i stretched if u get me.

    the pain, like a constant ache pain, altho it gets worse when i start working. Lower leg muscle seems locked up as well :(
  8. Could be Achilles Tendonitis, a common running injury. You probaly find that it is also painful going up stairs. RICE it, if that does not help then go to a PRIVATE physio NOT your GP.
  9. i reckon that sounds like achilles tendonitis OR a calf pull/tear
    depending where abouts in height it is. if its near the heal its probably achilles tendon, if its more over your calf, then its a calf injury.

    having it after a 1 mile run probably means you've got running form problems (ach. tend. especially).
    simple test is to squeeze your achilles tendon (thats the long thin thing that starts at your heal, and goes up the centre of the back of your leg). start at the bottom working up. if it hurts to squeeze, its an achilles tendon problem.

    its no big deal in itself. unless its bad, it will usually clear up in about a week. however, if its caused by problems with the way you run or other similar issues, it will probably keep coming back until you solve the problem.

    see a doctor. they wont keep you out for it, most people will get it at some point.
  10. i did that, and it didn't hurt at all.. and its higher up my leg anyway.

    so think i shud go to my GP? or just not exercise for a week or so?

    I've just been walking around stretching for bout 20 mins or so and its no longer hurting, just a bid tender like. Does that make a difference? :?
  11. well yeh. take a week off, do some light stretches after about 2/3 days, maybe some swimming.
    if its not better after a week, i would consider a doc, simply because he may find a reason for the problem, which would help prevent agony in the future from constant recurring injuries.
  12. alrite. cheers for the advice guys. very fast replys as well :)

    guess i'll be taking a bit of a break from training... cudn't of come at a worse time as well *sigh* ah well
  13. Kinda need a list sticked on here about running lol.

    First thing Karl get some good running trainers, don't go to JJB sport or anything. Go to a pro running shop where they can put you on a treadmill and see how you run. Google sweatshop should have a shop near you but im sure other ARRSE member's no more places. Ive brought my last 2 pairs from them and had no problems so far. Make sure you warm up jog/walk 800 meters or something then do a longer run. And when you finish your run warm down and nice long stretches.

    Don't worry i bet everyone here has picked up a injury of sorts when running only way is to check you shoes, make sure your stretching right if you are its going to be Rest for a little while. I hurt my knee and just done push ups, sit ups and heaves until i felt i could run on it again.
  14. 800 metres reli? lol, probly do about 100 atm.

    my trainers are quite new, and they are pretty good running trainers (nike as well, so you know the quality is there :twisted: )

    on the plus side my legs are feeling 99% fine atm, bit sore but i can walk ok now! :wink:

    so we'll see... very strange
  15. well you do a 800 meter walk/jog to walk up at the Army Development Selection Centre's, so best be prepared aye?