Problems running at Pre-ADSC.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Theralas, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could give me any insight or advice to help me. I attended a Pre-ADSC yesterday and my running was just diabolic to be frank. We did the PFT (with heaves). I managed 0 heaves, 42 Press-ups, 46 sit-ups and my 2.4 km run in 12.50

    However my usual run time is around 11.20 (PB is 11 flat). I just felt really out of breath after 800 meters or so and it was just all down hill after that, I am surprised I even managed a 12.50 run with how bad I was running.

    Is there any reason why this is? my obvious thought is the press-ups and sit-ups took more out of me than I thought, also I felt the sit-ups were working my legs, more than my ab's. Am I just being bone and should of pushed harder?

    Currently I do running 5 days a week and alternating between doing 3 mile runs and testing my time. Also doing circuits to build my core strength up, Press-ups, sit-ups, squats etc. But i really don't think these are helping my heaves and I cannot even achieve 1, so how am I supposed to train for these, when the age old saying is 'get better at something by doing them.'?

    I do my circuits in the morning and running at night, should I set one day a week aside and do them together?

    Further information is that I have another Pre-ADSC in 2 weeks and my recruiter wants me to get me below 12 minutes before he sends me off to selection.

    Any help is really appreciated, if its a complete change to my fitness schedule or just a small tip or hint. Of course I want to improve everything including my press-ups and sit-ups, not just my heaves and running.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I found something similar out when i went to the Parachute Regiment Insight course. Everyone seems to think. Yeah I'll rock up and smash a sub 9 min cos I've been running everyday etc.

    But if your borderline on the time, you have to take into account. A warm up, Press ups (B.E) Sit ups (B.E), Heaves (B.E), and then a 800 metre warm up (we did 1.5 mile warm up), and then best effort back. Lads were being sick etc.

    When I do my physical stuff, I do press ups and sit ups heaves and then a warm up and then a 1.5 miler. Straight after each other.

    Pull ups/ heaves- go to a gym and use an assisted machine, or go argos and buy a chin up bar for a tenner. If your struggling to do one, get someone to give you assistance with a finger up your krass
  3. i got a chin up bar from push up bars, which make you go lower further strengthening chest and shoulders and a chest expander for £20! i use a method called Greasing the Groove.

    if you put all effort in to do one heave then stop, maybe an hour or so later do another.

    within a week you WILL be able to do 2 at least. trust me i used this to get from 2 to 5 in 2weeks
  4. And remember, quality of diet. Doing the exercise is one thing, diet is in fact probably even more important.

    Protein, Carbs, Water, Bananas. Don't drink lucozade too often. My mate did a study at uni. Makes your bones turn yellow, with prolonged use. All about water. Nectar of the gods
  5. Thanks for the advice :D , looks like im going to amalgamate my fitness into one session to prepare for it and I am scouting around now for a good way to improve my pull-ups with 'greasing the groove'.

    Looks like I am just going to have to step it up another gear :wink:
  6. One tip for your heaves mate, try doing negative reps,at your pull up bar get yourself lifted up to the top of the movement with a chair or such like then lower yourself down slowly,climb back up and repeat try 3 sets of 6 to start off do this three times a week and you should definately see improvement
  7. dude, what i do is give myself a rule.
    everytime i walk through the door in the DAY time i knock out 4 pullups, this is important as GTG is not working to failure!!!!

    in the EVENING if watching telly when the ads come on do the same, works well with press ups(do as many press ups as you can in the ad break)

    hope this helps
  8. Start running further than 1.5 mile.

    Try 3 mile, will help build your endurance aswell