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Thread deviation alert.

This thread has highlighted something that’s been really apparent during 2018/19 and the run up to the GE in general on ARRSE.

Three types of posting have caught my eye, one as dull as dishwater, one worth keeping an eye on and one highlighting the absolute fake ness of the poster concerned.

The troll posters are worth keeping an eye on, while they generally spew anti U.K. propaganda they do also reveal things that Russia needs an answer to, or needs to know if it’s been caught out in.

The trolls all claim to be private individuals, most admit what country they are in, but some try to hide where they are. They as if by magic PM each other, agree with each other and back up each other’s posts.
It’s amusing to predict when they will post after a particular event, this is something that can be predicted days in advance sometimes. It’s also amusing to see perhaps three trolls all go silent after a major event, then all post at once within two hours of the Russian government taking an official position.

While most trolls go silent, it’s notable that KGB always ‘just has something to do‘, or some urgent business to attend to...............which ends within a few minutes of the Russian government taking a position.

Then there are the dull as dishwater posters, in the context of this thread I’m only referring to the Corbyn fan posters, not Labour or party loyal posters in general.
There are a set group of Corbynistas who are notable in that they are known for changing avatar names, and then trying to start afresh even though it is obvious they are the same poster who posted under their previous avatar. It perhaps speaks volumes about those posters who feel changing their name will change other posters view of them.

This Corbynista type posters are somewhat akin to Russian troll in that they tend to post the same Labour message all at the same time, this perhaps shows a lack of independent thought. Like the Russian trolls they also say the same phrases or buzzwords, again following the lead from Corbyn or Momentum.
As an example, for years people have talked about drug companies or American drug companies. As if by magic the Corbynistas all switched to ‘big pharma’ all at the same time, and exactly when Labour started using it.
Even more lately we have had references to the NHS being formed by Labour in 1948. Again, the Corbynistas started trotting this out just after Corbyn started saying it.
The same applies to ignoring the anti semitic enquiry in the Labour party, but focusing on the letrerbox comment from Boris...........And again ignoring the fact the article Boris wrote was actually promoting the idea that muslim women should be allowed to wear what they want to.

Last of all, there is the poster who was perhaps rabid about supporting one particular party.
They may have stormed into ARRSE, perma posting in support of Labour, being roundly criticised......they might even have changed their avatar name two or three times in short succession, but continued in their pro Labour/socialist/Corbyn stance. As with others of their kind they might have thrown insults around, but complained to the mods if insults came back.
But, Now the results of the GE are known they may have very markedly altered their stance and be supporting the government, and trashing Labour.
Why would a poster do that...........are they trustworthy?


As an add on to my above post.
Why is it that very pro Corbyn posters use the exact same phrases such as I ‘ I am not your google’?

While it’s simply an excuse to cover the fact they can’t back up what they have said, it is interesting in that it’s the Corbyn fans who say it :)


Just shows the mental health services in the UK are useless.
A wizened 70 yr old OAP, who had delusions of grandeur believing himself to be our next Prime Minister, who is living in the past, who not only wrote and publicised a long sucide note but kept adding to it as the days went by, yet no action was taken under the Mental Health Act, shameful indeed,
Will no one think of the Hornbeam trees!!

That might be a bit niche :)
**** off. I am bored by politics, but now it gets interesting. Boris will tell more lies and the Tories will continue to tear themselves apart over Brexit.

5 years from now 'Get Brexit Done' will still be on the posters. Because whatever he gets done will fall apart.
Why is it that very pro Corbyn posters use the exact same phrases such as I ‘ I am not your google’?
I don’t know, I’m not your google.


I was north of the border in 2014. There were some shenanigans going on. On the eve of the vote I went to bed dreading waking the next morning to find Scotland had voted to leave the UK. Relieved it didn't happen.

Now! Any of you SNP supporters really want independence, tell we Jimmy to include south of the border in the vote. It'll be a dawdle. I've never heard so much anti Scottish rhetoric since you lost and keep greeting for another referendum. Repeat until the "right" result is reached, much like the EU want with brexit. Never mind how the English would vote, I want you to feck right aff at the high port. Like remainers, you only believe in democracy if it agrees with your views. I'm quite happy to think of myself as stateless for the time I have left.
Yeah, strange how the 'Once in a generation' referendum has warped into 'I'll hold it when I think I can win it.'
Will no one think of the Hornbeam trees!!

That might be a bit niche :)
Well it will not be inhabiting that famous Westminister address and neither will its owner.

Free firewood anyone?
Could it not be planted so that it shades the Edstone? So that Labour type people can spend their holidays admiring it and wistfully dreaming of what might have been? They could take the family.
Yeah, strange how the 'Once in a generation' referendum has warped into 'I'll hold it when I think I can win it.'
The Scots, as others have stated, have the worst record in Europe for heart disease. I didn't know it was that bad it had reduced to two years. That's how soon after 2014 they were demanding/asking for the next referendum.
The local mood music was that it was on the cards so came as no real surprise. It was time the old giffer retired anyway.

He's 87, without politics is there anything to keep him going? What are the odds he falls off his perch before the year's out.
''Just one more Election & I'll get my 50 years in and be the Father of the House'', thus said his Ego - well sorry Dennis but the locals rumbled you at last as not doing much for them over the years and the voice of Democracy spoke so close the door behind you. At least Alan Clarke had the sense to quit before the GE ...
Loving this Aussie news reporter!

Aussie shelia said:
...led by terrorist-sympathising socialist simpleton Jeremy Corbyn

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Glad you wee Englanders #gotbrexitdone. Hopefully you're not hanging about for several hours waiting for an ambulance when you're succumbing to your cold war alcoholism induced heart attacks and strokes because bojo has sold the wagons off to murica :-D
I think you’ll have enough problems of your own. When Krankie takes you out of the Union.

Barnet Formula.

Look it up or get someone to look it up for you.

Turns out Hadrian was right.
Back in 2015, I kicked off the Comrade Corbyn thread with this post:

It seems that Labour's obsession with the tokenism of having 'the widest possible debate' and their ostentatious need to allow anyone to vote for their next leader may have combined to produce one of the finest 'Oh sh1t' moments in British political history:

What can be done to stop the Corbyn juggernaut? What happens to British politics if Labour fails to do so? Is this one of the funniest self-inflicted wounds ever inspired by the Emperor?

In 2017 I thought the joke was on me but Thursday finally delivered the punchline. It took over four years but it was well worth the wait.
And it appears he’s going to hang around like dog shit in the treads of fancy trainers for at good few months to come.

Yet more savings on not having to subscribe to the Cartoon Channel.

Truly, a thing of beauty.
I took it as such.

She certainly holds different views on most subjects than I do, but that is the way I hoped she would be. She is capable of coherent argument, it was part of the learning process at her first university and is willing to do so in public even amongst the lefties at UCL, but she is sensible enough to know when it is worth doing so, Thu night at 2200 and Fri morning was not the time.
For fear of the new, kinder politics “kicking” in.

Yet another irony meter VOR’d.


This is a very different scenario.
1. UK needs trade deals and there is no other state assets left to sell.
2. Trump, and his big pharma friends will lobby hard for 'access' ie. Pillage.
3. Leading Tories professed desires and publications to privatise the NHS. Whilst there maybe many more leading Tories who have expressed views to the contrary, but the need to answer 1 & 2 lead to 3 likely becoming policy soon.

The Tory party opposed the creation of the NHS in 1948. Ideologically it has always been opposed to its existence. It is clearly not nor has ever been safe in their hands as to destroy it would be electoral suicide. But the last 9 years looked like suicide attempts and still they win. Instead Labour commits suicide by proxy.
The BMA (doctors) opposed the formation of the NHS.

What is PFI if not a form of privatisation ( the clue is in what the letter P in PFI stands for)

Why are we happy that DHL (German) have large chunks of the medical transportation function but unhappy that a US ( or any other ROW company) might get a look in?


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