Problems Indenting for Uniform DPM/MTP

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Big Avo, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Been speaking with my boss and he's been having difficultly indenting for kit (TA Unit).

    1. He sent off for kit quoting the NSN for the Uniform in DPM
    2. They they resturned the request with an advisory notice that DPM has now been replaced by MTP and giving the New NSN
    3. He places a New Order with the New NSN for MTP
    4. They resturned the request now advising that we're not scaled for MTP!?

    Has anyone else had this problem??
  2. Sounds like General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett is in charge.
  3. We were told some time ago that dpm would not be exchanged
  4. We don't "exchange kit" as such, although we swap soldiers kit one for one, we write off the soldiers kit and issue them with new kit.
    We then raise a request for kit to replace what had been written off.

    It is then we are having the problem as we don't appear to be scaled for MTP and we can't order DPM.

    I think they're working slow at changing over our scalings to MTP.
  5. Much more likely that issues of MTP are going to regular units as a priority, stock building for exchanges on Herrick and your BOWO not seeing your unit as a priority.
  6. I don't see the issue. If you are not scaled for MTP you are not scaled for it. There isn't a problem with the system it's just part of the changeover. If you are desperate to get hold of some then go on tour
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  7. What problem?
  8. We can't get DPM as it's no longer issued and we can't get MTP as we're not scaled for it, so we're down kit.
  9. Oh yes for new recruits and the like. I see the problem now.
  10. One of your sargents should be able to do a swap with another unit. We all tend to accumulate some buck shee items of stores which can be swopped. Have you got some one with the nickname "Bilko" in your unit? Or like the "Spiv" in Dads army.
  11. Still shed loads of DPM about in the system...... Some where ! =)
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