Problems in the Corps? Can you shed some light?

As a former member of the beloved Army Air Corps, I cant help thinking things are in a little turmoil at the moment?

From reading the threads I gather (and asume) things arent good! Gazelle crews may be out of jobs? AH crews leaving? Transfering in officers in without any aviation experience? The quality of the troops coming through and the list goes on and on?

In all honesty gents, is this just gumpy moaners casting negative shadows or are these real issues that face the corps today?

Surely it cant be that bad..............................

As stated, I am no longer serving, just curious as to why there are so many 'moaners and bitchers' out there?


SweetFeet, I'm pretty sure that if you've spent time (done time?) in the Corps, you'll know just how reticent people are to air their dirty laundry in public, particularly on a forum known to be frequented by the press.
Point teken Cloud buster!

Just wondered tho, in a lot of threads already on here they seem to say these things? Just wondered if morale was that low!

I loved my time in 651, 661 and 672 in the late 80s early 90's. We had the whingers, but nothing on the scale that seems to be on here!

OPSEC issues (especially with regards to the gutter press) are understandable.

No worries, just wondered?
Hmm think this time its more than just a whinge, people in darkened corridors are even said to be worried.
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