Problems getting to the website

I have problems 95% of the time getting to the website whilst i am at home. It works on occasion but most of the time it tries and just says "operation time out". When i'm at college (sorry, student) i can always get to it. I use firefox at home if that means anything, but then it doesn't work on explorer either.
Its bloody annoying, i have to use a proxy at home to get here but then because of the security feature it means i can't log on and post.
Does anyone have any ideas or had this problem themselves? -i realise the irony that anyone who has this problem won't actually be able to post.

Any help appreciated

Can I just confirm exactly what your problem is? Reading the above it would appear that:

1. From your home you can only access ARRSE 5% of the time. The rest of the time you get a time out.

2. The 5% of the time that you can access ARRSE, you are unable to log in and you attribute that to the proxy that you have to use.

3. This problem occurs with both FF and IE.

A few quick questions:

1. Do you have problems with any other websites?

2. Can you access these from home - RumRation or Rear Party?
Sorry for the delay, once again i got the reply and couldn't get to the site.

In answer to your questions:

1. Is correct as you have stated it.

2. When i reach ARRSE 5% of the time i can log in no problems. When i have to use a proxy to get to the site i can't log in due to the security code you have to type in (like f9e38) because it does not show it.

3. Correct.

I have no problems reaching any other website reguardless of how innocent or pornographic it is.
Also i have no problems reaching REARPARTY or RUMRATION.

I would rather not use a proxy since i can't log in and since it is slow. So any help you can give or anything you can suggest which enables me to get to your website would be much appreciated.


Which ISP are you with?

That clears things up a lot - the problem is not that you can't reach the site but rather that our security code isn't showing up so you can't log in.

As msr suggests I'd recommend that you look at changing ISP as connecting via a proxy is far from ideal. Apart from anything else it will slow things down quite a lot!
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