Problems as a mobilised soldier

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by qwerty12345, Oct 22, 2006.

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  2. You have a manning and reserves rep somewhere at the APOD (or possibly shiba). Think the title is SO2 manning and reserves and is a captain.
  3. Yes there is an SO2 and an SO3 Reserves at Shaiba but I don't think this is necessarily a case to take to them in the first instance.

    In effect by volunteering for an extended tour, as you say, you are committed to serve the allotted time and do the bidding of the officers above you as ordered. Once you have signed the form requesting the extension and this has been accepted there is little you can do to 'opt out' and finish early. We are, after all, in a job where running up a hill, getting shot and dying is a legitimate job description!

    Presumably it is the OC who has changed and not the whole hierarchy. I would approach this, as you have done, with your pl/tp comd and sub unit Sgt Major (or equivalents), who know you better and have worked with you. They are the ones who can put your case to the OC and support your request. The suggestion of a meeting with the OC, supported by one of them, would seem to be the best way of trying to resolve your problem; in most cases commanders work on the basis of a volunteer being worth 10 pressed men and take account of such issues.

    What I would not do is try to circumvent the CoC until you are certain that you are getting nowhere. This is a surefire way to wind people up and do you no favours. A meeting with the OC may not seem like the easiest way but it is the most direct and the most likely to get results.

    Keep us in the loop and don't get downhearted, even if your chuff chart isn't looking any better!
  4. "No-Wah". A captain is an S03, a Major is an S02.
  5. The post is SO2 but it was filled by a captain.
  6. ...... because that is how important the welfare of deployed STABs is to the regulars! For shame
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not the fault of the Army. If more TA Officers put themselves forward for mobilisation, this sort of problem would not arise.
  8. Oh give over for God's sake. The post is filled by a STAB officer. If there isn't a STAB major ready & willing to do the job, then that is hardly the Regular Army's fault is it? You might ask how important the welfare of deployed STABs is to the TA officer cadre?
  9. Just who allocates troops to task? The TA? or Land?
    Are you telling me there are no TA Majors in theatre?
    Therefore, someone, in Land, has done an excercise in priorities, and the result is my first post!
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm sure that there are loads of TA Majors in Theatre - but all are doing jobs already. If no suitable TA Officer has volunteered to be mobilised for this post, it's hardly Land Command's fault.
  11. Moreover, there are almost certainly many other posts being filled by individuals on acting rank. Furthermore, given that the 'allocation of troops to task' ie manning function at HQ LAND is carried out by the Individual Mobilisation Cell, and given that the post of SO2 Manning & Reserves is the IMC's key link to Theatre, one rather doubts that the IMC has done an 'exercise in priorities' that has left this post improperly filled. It would be rather self-defeating.

    Keep the STAB V ARAB schimfing for when/if it is really needed - its just boring otherwise.
  12. Old Snowy, not getting into the pizzing contest of whether there are enough names coming out of the hat - do you think the reticence of many TA officers to deploy, might be based on the individual replacement as opposed to formed units (i.e. them being deployed in the roles that they have been established and trained for)?

    The easy answer, assuming that those responsible want a regular SO2 post to be filled by a TA Major, would surely be to identify a suitable TA officer and compulsorily mobilise him? Which would of course offer the officer the full provision of RFA96.

    What we do when our reserves run out of reserves to fill vacant LSN’s in the ORBAT, I’m not sure – answers on a postcard, eh.
  13. (3)

    Please excuse me butting in, however my answer to your questions:

    1. If TA officers are so inflexible as to only want to deploy in a specific role for which there may not be a need, then this reflects a little poorly on them. Regular officers often have to deploy into a variety of jobs. Having known people do this particular job, they found it pretty rewarding - as least as much as a Coy Comd of a FP Coy.

    2. This is a TA SO2 post, not a regular one. Agree that 'volunteering twice' is a disincentive.

    3. When there are no reserves in Iraq, there will be no need for an SO2 Manning & Reserves in Iraq.
  14. Indeed, or when there are no more reserves at all. :evil:
  15. Fair comments Dilfor - agreed that flexibility is key, equally, I'm sure that you've heard some less than good feedback from some TA / Reservists being posted into roles that they just were not suited to, either through training, experience or temperament.

    Sorry, didn't realise it was a TA post referred to and your point 3 is a brilliant piece of lateral thinking - LOL!