Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by NervousGrunt, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    Driving at 15mph on a Range Complex my front passenger side wheel proceeded to come off one of our new Landrover 110 wolf conversions. Luckily nothing serious happened and myself and the passenger were ok.

    Please advertise this as much as possible to stop a serious accident happening. Get into the MT and warn them off.

    I believe these vehicles are causing all kinds of problems Army wide, so go out of your way to make sure these vehicles are checked properly by the REME or Civvy, depending on where you are.

    Good Luck!!
  2. Journo cnut.
  3. Did you first parade it before you took it out/took it over?

    Tut Tut....
  4. I can assure you I am no journo pal. ARRSE is an awesome website to pass information. I have not asked any questions but merely warned people. Take my post as you wish, but I bet you will check your L/R next time.

    As for 1st works etc blah blah blah, yes the vehicle was checked. Lets be truly honest though who checks their wheel nuts on a vehicle on a normal 1st works. As it happens the vehicle in question was tabled 6 and 1st worked correctly.

    Again spread the word, I don't expect replies to this thread, it is just a means of putting IMPORTANT info across.

    Again, Good Luck!!
  5. What leads you to believe that these vehicles are causing all kinds of problems army wide?

    Care to expand on this sweeping statement?

    Agreed ARRSE is a powerful tool, but can you reassure us that you've reported your concerns within the CoC?
  6. I check the wheel nuts of every vehicle I am about to drive as part of my first works, maybe if you had done so then your wheel wouldn't have come off!

    I'd bet my last beer that your wheel nuts were loose and you've fecked up matey.

    Have you been warned for OC orders? AGIA'd?
  7. Look, Im no VM, however I am aware of faults with these vehicles within my Brigade. It's common knowledge, and they have been recalled and VOR'd etc on more than one occassion.

    All I'm asking is that if you have an ounce of decency then get the MT to check these vehicles.

    Luckily this happened on a Range Complex and not a major road where I can almost say for certain it would have been a horror show!!
  8. I check the wheel nuts as part of a 1st works too. Would you check them if you never carried out the first works before driving then was tasked to say for example, go and pick up scoff for the guys 6 hours later. Bet you a boot in the head you wouldn't. You would simply sign your name on the works ticket and drive. Enough said!!!

    Again, dont reply, just inform the MT if you have these vehicles in your fleet!!
  9. You are a nob

    End of.

    Best tell your oc there's a loose nut in your
  10. Whatever!!

    This nob is possibly saving someones life.

    Tell me what would you do?
  11. Check my wheel nuts on hand over/take over as is your job even if it was to go and collect scoff for the troops.
  12. Well having admitted you didn't check the wheel nuts I reckon next time you might check 'em before you drive off.

    :) damn too slow.
  13. Speak to the CoC.

    Still don't quite get the army-wide comment - if, it were just your Bde, this might point towards some form of "maintenance" failure, but without speaking to your CoC, and letting them flag your concerns, it would be difficult to see whether there was a trend.

    What was your feedback, when you raised this?
  14. Frenchie,

    If you read my initial post correctly, i said the vehicle was 1st worked correctly. I however did not carry it out. You are allowed to drive more than one vehicle in the Army. If a vehicle was 1st worked before driving it, would you again 1st works it later on in the day? I think not!!!

    Flame and shoot me all you want, the good guys amongst you will address this.
  15. halt parade mucker.

    But my point is you will always do it in the future.