hey, im currently awaiting a start date as a CMT, i was told march which is a long wait but achivable(cant spell). But now i have heard july, its killing me, is it possible to change jobs without doing selection, and the army website doesnt exactly make jobs sound good, so any suggestions? i want frontline but not infantry.

cheers for any help.
I'm going in as a Combat Engineer - Supports inf if needed but its not our main job. Not sure about selection though - I'll ask while im there :D
If you want 'frontline, but not infantry', then you should look into either the Royal Armoured Corps or the Royal Artillery.

As far as changing your job choices goes, have you considered calling your recruiter and asking him/ her? Thats what I'd do if I were in your situation.
My recruiter also told me that the AAC soldiers do frontline ops as a support unit for the infantry (the job choice im joining) but you should stick with CMT and wait it out its a good job, my friend is in it and she says its amazing!
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