Problem with videos (you tube)

Ive reccently found to be having problems watching videos on you tube and other streaming videos,
On you tube i wait for the video to completely buffer before i try playing.
The audio is fine but the picture is impossible to watch, the video jumps frames and doesnt play as a smooth video even though audio is fine.

Any ideas what this may be and any fixes?
Which antivirus are you using? And what have you changed (i.e. installed) when the problem first occurred?

Try disabling it and see if the problem goes away.

If so, then uninstall McAfee and replace with Microsoft Security Essentials.

If not, I will go back to my potting shed for another think.

Sorry Didn't reply last night. didnt do anything with it last night, had a bed to go to haha.
I'm trying to sort it now but i cant seem to disable mcafee and it keeps wanting to run a hard drive scan which may be causing my problem.

Im running malwarebytes and that secunia PSI at the moment and checking flash player

After that i'll let mcafee run its scan of the hard drive without interruption and see what happens.
I have a solution.

Download and install SpeedBIT Video Accelerator (free).
You can then play any YouTube video flawlessly.

However, it's best to restart Internet Explorer after each video.

I've watched 100's of videos this way - previously, I had no end of problems with playback.

Also, I use AVG (anti-virus free) - been using this for 6 months with no problems.

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