Problem with text

Right guys, for some time now I have had trouble with the colour of all the text that is on the SL screen.
The list of problems is as follows:
The start up screen, where you log in, all the text in the blue tabs is black and blurred (This is also the same once on second life for the tabs at the bottom, fly/map etc).
Once in second life the chat box, all the lines of chat are in black
The top menu, file/view/world etc, this is again all in black. I cant read anything in the drop down menus unless i hover over it with the mouse, then it highlights in grey
Its bloody annoying and have searched for a solution.
Ive uninstalled the software and re-installed it, cleared the cache, no joy, ive looked through the knowledge base and cant find anything.
I thought uninstalling it would have cured the problem, is there somewhere hidden on my pc that may be keeping all the information?

Annoyed to fook, brum land
I know we looked at this the other day, but can you do me a favour and let me know the make/model of your graphics card. There are alot of cards that "almost" work, and their useability changes every time a new viewer update is released.

suits_U said:
Manufacturer: Foxconn
Model: P4M800P7MB

Aparrently thats the badger.
Cheers Boney.
And you using the onboard graphics on this motherboard and not a separate card?

Got to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.
When the box comes up, under Components, click on Display. Let me know what it says under Adapter Type and Adapter Description.

Right, i cant find anything on the Knowledge Base in SL regarding that Motherboard or the VGA chip it is using. Doesnt mean it doesnt have a compatibility issue, it just doesnt say so.

Have you had a look to see if your getting any other system errors on boot? You check that by right clicking the my computer icon and clicking manage.

Expand the + sign next to Event Viewer, and select the system log. See if theres anything in there with a red stop sign next to it, or any other warning concerning graphics. You could also try updating your graphics card drivers. Beyond that, if there are no errors and your on the latest drivers it might be worth logging into secondlife website and going to the forums and putting a post up regarding the problem. Someone may well have come across the issue before.

Sorry i cant be of more help but its not a particularly obvious error.

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