Problem with printer / scanner

I'm trying to scan about 10 photos into my laptop via my Kodak ESP3 printer / scanner. about 2 have worked, the others have all part worked but have random spiky lines across the image in white or dark colours. I wonder if the cover over the scanner plate may not be light tight?

I'd be grateful for any suggestions as I'd hoped to do this over the weekend.


Ive got an ESP3 Kodak printer and within a few months of getting it the printer head had misaligned due to vibrations on the worktop. I got the head replaced free of charge (kodak sent a new head out) COMET rep said it was a common problem .......not sure if it is the same problem though as mine was when i printed not scanned.
Have you tried hitting it over and over again whilst crying WHY ME !!!
It's dirt in the mechanism.

Unplug it, put it in the dishwasher and give it a quick rinse.
When some devices suddenly goes haywire, the first thing to try is refreshing its driver. Drivers are just software programs, and sometimes they get corrupted. So try updating your driver. The latest version is available for free download at While you're at the Kodak site grabbing the current driver, look around in the FAQ and see if others have reported a similar problem - or drop Kodak a note and they should respond. If a new driver doesn't work, try updating the scanning software (it may be updated too by now), attaching your printer/scanner to a different USB port, or changing the USB cable - in that order. If none of the above work, your scanner could have "gone south" - but if so, check if the warranty will cover your trouble for replacement. Good luck!
Driver issues? pah.

It will be dirt on the scanner glass. Get a brillo pad and give it a thorough cleansing.

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