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I've already passed selection and have a start date of April 19th at Catterick, but i was arrested at the weekend for cut a long story short there is a chance it could get dropped but if it doesnt then i am bailed to appear at the police station on the 28th - obviously this is after i am due to start at Catterick....should i tell the ACIO immediately? wait a while to see if the charge is dropped or do my oath of allegiance?


So close to starting, I bet your gutted. Get down the ACIO and tell them in person, be upfront and dont water it down. Is there a strong chance it will be dropped or a slim chance. Be honest with yourself and if its the latter dont deny your slot to some one else on a gamble.

Fingers crossed for you
Ouchouchouch. Do what Disco said, get your hoop back down to the AFCO and 'fess up. If you hide it, it will look very badly on you when/if it eventually comes to light but at least if you're honest now, they will take that into account if all starts going to ratshit.


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We have just had a similar case come through our office, the lad turned up to phase 1 training and was subsequently discharged.

You are under investigation and until such time as it has been resolved you are ineligible to join.

I would definitely inform your ACIO of what has happened and take advice, if it goes okay and gets dropped then fine, but if it doesnt you will end up taking a vacancy that could be used for someone else ;)

Either way if there is any impending court case due to take place whilst you are in training, you will get the boot ;)

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