Problem with bowman?

im supposed to be going out to Batus in april doing OPFOR, but heard a rumour that the cvr's over there have a IC problem and are being rendered VOR, meaning that it might be scaled down?

does anyone know more about whats going on?
Cav Bloke - whilst you could indeed 'PM' Hellfyyr, you might wish to bear in mind that no decision has been made regarding what will/won't be in BATUS and to what level of effort.

My advice - if your own chain of command has told you you're going to BATUS, then go with that for know.

Rumours are just that - rumours! :D
If you are dong OPFOR, then you'll be in Salamanders/Sturgeons. As these are the only CVRT still not dieselized I can't really see them wasting the money Bomanising an obscelete fleet. there were IC probs on the BG fleet due to 'poor quality cableing' but apparently fixed. BG recce CVRT unlikely to be converted as I'm not aware of ATDU approving a close recce fit yet. Correct me if i'm wrong

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