Problem with ankles/lower legs when running/tabbing


I'm looking for some general advice about my ankles/lower legs when I run/tab....

Over the last 3 years I've started to experience problems with my shins/lower calves/ankles when running/tabbing...

Its got to the extent where I cant really run far anymore before my ankles go 'floppy' and I cant move my feet in a correct running motion (I can get them moving in front of each other, but they just seem to 'slap' onto the ground). I also get a severe pain in my shins that feels like they are burning, and will split open(as if they've been over-inflated)....

Sometimes, if I try and push through it, I end up almost being unable to walk for a while, and physically shaking with the pain....

It happens as well on CFT's, usually after the first 1/2 mile but I've always been able to overcome it and finish, but my state various from fcuked for a week .

I'm generally fit, a touch overweight, and walk a few miles every day to get to work with few problems like this, though it has been know to surface as I'm nearing work...

Has anyone any advice/stretches/reccomendations as to what I can do? I'm setting myself a deadline of 3 months to try and get my fitness back up to a good level again, and have been cycling a lot, but obviously that wont be enough....

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Had the same problem, turned ot the arches of my feet had collapsed which was causing shin splints. Quick trip to the podometrist or something like that. A pair of corective insoles
and the problem appears to have dissapeared. Suffered with this for 3 years before it was sorted out. Wish I had gone sick earlier, It was eventually PT three
times a week with the Gurkhas that brought on to much pain so I got it looked into.
Swimming is good. It's a lot easier on your joints than running. I had a chronic ankle problem a few years ago and added swimming a few times a week to my routine. Since then my ankle hasn't been bothering me and my stamina has improved. :)
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