Problem when ever I run with my shins, calves and knees. At RMAS

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by 87mc12, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. OK, having a bit of a nightmare at the moment.

    I'm currently in Junior term at RMAS and I've started having really bad cramps around my shins and on my knees when ever I run. Its absolutely fine if i'm walking or carrying weight, but the moment I run I start to have issues and I've no idea why. I have the option of going sick so I can see the physio on camp but that means I'd miss out on loads of training. I've ruled out the idea of going to see a normal physio because by the time i'm done for the day and allowed to leave camp, most are closed anyway.

    The problem starts about a minute into running and i start to feel a sharp cramp like pain in my lower legs around my shins. As soon as I stop and begin walking, or even standing still, the cramps get more painful and make my legs buckle slightly and shake. The pain spreads up to my knees and around my calves untill it feels like the whole leg is under horrific amounts of strain and stress. the pain usually hangs around aswell, usually subsiding about half an hour after the physical activity.

    I really do want to see the physio about it, but cant stand the idea of marching behind the squad in trainers and missing out on half the training program, especially EX first attack this friday and the parade for Old College Sunday this week...

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sorry, but what you are describing seems too complex for you not to be going sick. Why deny yourself the medical once-over? It's clearly worrying you.

    I've never had severe shin splints but some of what you might be describing could be that. But you can tell I'm guessing? Get to the MO, man.
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  3. I can only agree wholeheartedly with V_M, I had similar symptoms to yours when preparing for a SNCO cadre some 20 years ago. I ploughed on and did my best to ignore the pain (that promotion was long overdue and sorely needed). I did some damage to myself by carrying on and when I finally sought the MO's advice I was removed from the cadre, to my utter dismay.Get to the MO now. It's free, you know?
  4. The sooner you get it sorted the better, so go and see the medics now. It is probably something that can be sorted, but the longer you leave it the more likely it is that it will need more serious attention.

    As far as Sandhurst is concerned, they are looking for leaders. Physical fitness is necessary, but if you are, or may be, what they are after, then they will want to get you sorted sooner rather than later. Please do not think that they look to use this sort of thing to weed people out. They do not. I say this as someone who has been through Sandhurst myself, and who has had a son go through Sandhurst despite a serious medical issue.

    Good luck
  5. I can only echo the comments above. It is still too common a prblem that going sick is seen as being weak - this is generally not the case.

    Having run the remedial Platoon at RMAS for a term i can tell you that it is too often filled with people who should have gone sick earlier than they did. The set up there is excellent (or was 3 years ago) in terms of the MO, physios, ERIs etc. so go and see one ASAP and get yourself diagnosed - you will not be doing yourself or the system any favours if you do not.

    PS - best of luck with the CC and the rest of RMAS; it will all be worth it.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Go and see the MO.

    Doesn't sound like shin splints, may be sciatica, haven't got a clue, but the MO does it day in, day out.
  7. Stupid question but are your trainers too tight ?
  8. You may be worried about going to MO, but I'd be even more worried about asking for advice from complete strangers on the internet - you could do serious phsyical damage to yourself if you do that.

    There is nothing wrong with going to the MO - they are there to help you. Far better to go now, spend some time recovering then crack on with a long career, than to ignore the pain and then discover that you're completely broken and find yourself discharged from the army. It won't get better of its own accord, so for gods sake go talk to the doc ASAP.
  9. Go to the MRS. There was a lad in Lucknow recently who, had he gone to the MRS earlier with his dramas, wouldn't have been Medically Discharged once his condition worsened.

    Theres no shame in being genuinely sick.
  10. Thanks for all of your advice, it is much appreciated. I am in week 7 now and have just passed Long Reach which I found absolutely fine provided we didn't run for a prolonged period of time. The next nearest big things are EX First Attack and Old College Sunday this weekend which I am determined to be a part of. I find it extremely annoying that I cannot just see the physio without completely going sick. I can walk, I can march, I can even tab, but running always lets me down.
  11. Nobody will thank you for not reporting sick because, by failing to do so, you will almost certainly exacerbate the problem which may result in you being hoofed out altogether. The medical staff at RMAS are entirely familar with injuries caused by training and will be able to either sort the problem out for you or, if necessary, refer you to the appropriate specialist. Worst case, you may have a physical condition or injury that is neither treatable nor compatable with a career in the military - let's hope that isn't the case. Either way, burying your head in the sand really won't help. To your credit you seem keen to overcome the issue whereas there are plenty who would play on it and use it as an excuse to avoid the more difficult activties (for the record I don't consider Old College Sunday to be in that category). If it's any consolation I carried a fairly serious knee injury through the first 5 weeks but when it became unbearable I was Y listed (which they used to do) and came back 7 months later. Imagine my delight to find that, not only did I have to do the first 5 weeks again (at least I knew what to expect and I had some already very shiny shoes), but that during my absence the course had magically morphed from 7 months into a year - double whammy! Having said that, I genuinely loved being at RMAS and had a fantastic time. Good luck.
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  12. MC - you are still not getting it.

    You have aids of the feet - hand yourself in before it turns into bad kind.

    You are making poor, short term decisions - sort it out.
  13. TMo

    TMo Swinger

    Check PMs mc.
  14. Have you tried running without your shins, calves and knees?
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  15. You are training to become an officer. You know, the sort of person of will be required to make rather taxing decisions on a regular basis. If you can't swallow your pride and make the right decision now for something as personal as this injury, what hope is there for you making far less personal decisions when it comes to your troops? If you sort this now there's a very real chance that, whatever ailment(s) you suffer from, you'll be better off in the long run.

    Lots of love, from a random man on the internet.
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